Top Tell-Tale Signs of a Malfunctioning Auto Engine

A well-maintained vehicle can run for years without exhibiting any troubles. However, as time passes by, it is common for your vehicle to scream for attention.

Getting the problems fixed on time can prevent you from costly expenses down the road.

But not every person that drives a Japanese used car is a car connoisseur. This means it isn’t necessary that everyone can determine when their vehicle is showcasing engine problems. But, by staying vigilant, it is possible to understand if there is something malfunctioning.

For starters, look out for these tell-tale signs:

  • Suspicious Noise:

    If you are an avid driver, then you should know that cars do not necessarily make noises when driving. But, if suddenly you start hearing suspicious sounds like grinding or knocking, then ensure to get it checked at the nearest mechanic.

  • Knocking:

    Knocking is one of the suspicious noises that vehicles make when something is wrong with the engine. It usually means that that the bearings of the vehicle are completely worn out, damaged and isn’t in the best possible condition. If you hear a knocking sound, it is better not to drive the vehicle and get it examined first.

  • Squealing:

    If the vehicle, for some reason, starts hitting the high notes instead of you, then that is a sign of a damaged belt fan. This means the fan is loose or is completely worn out.

    If you have a manual handy, then you can check how to tighten the belt or replace it properly.

  • Grinding:

    This is one of the alarming noises your vehicle can make. Grinding noise typically means that the brake pads are wearing down every time you hit them.

    By ignoring this sign, your will end up worsening the situation, thus completely making the brakes ineffective. This can certainly lead to a fatal accident on the road.

    So, it is important to get your Japanese used car inspected as soon it starts exhibiting the grinding sound.

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  • Excessive Smoke:

    Besides noises, your vehicle can also exhibit problems in a visual way. For instance, your vehicle can start releasing excessive smoke when the motor is started. This certainly is a big sign of concern that you need to get checked immediately.

  • Excessive Fuel Usage:

    If you find that your vehicle is using excessive fuel than before, then that can be due to malfunctioning injectors, blocked air filters, leakage, damaged air sensors, or spark plug.

    So, take your vehicle to the nearest mechanic to get it checked and diagnose the right issue.

  • Downgrading Engine Power:

    If there is a noticeable delay after pressing brakes or accelerator, then it means your vehicle isn’t working at an optimal level. There could be a problem with the transmission system.

  • Power Loss:

    Gas-powered vehicles have an internal combustion engine that uses a four-stroke combustion cycle to transform gasoline into power to make the vehicle move. If there is a power loss, then that could be due to interruption in four-strokes during the combustion process.

    Final Thoughts

    Vehicles, new or used, tend to wear down over time. So, as an owner of the Japanese used car, it is your responsibility to look out for everything suspicious your vehicle exhibits. This way, you can prevent any significant damages and save a lot of money.

    We hope this blog proved to be an insightful read.

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