Payment Policy

This policy discloses the terms and condition for the payment procedure that shall conclude the placing of order.

All Payments are to be made in T.T. No credit card or bank cheques shall be accepted and none shall be asked.

The Procedure

Customers will be issued a Performa invoice in relation to their order of vehicle that shall be final and binding on both the parties.

On receiving such Performa invoice the customer has to make the payment as disclosed within a period of 3 days for confirming the order. Each customer is hereby requested to clear the payment in advance through a telegraphic transfer in the bank account referred in the Performa invoice.

The payment shall be made in convertible currency i.e. dollar or yen only through a certified bank. The correspondence charges shall be paid by the customer only. We must receive the full amount according to the invoice

Note: When making a telegraphic transfer, customers are requested to specify their invoice number and/or Vehicle's Chassis number in the reference column.


The payment mentioned in the Performa invoice is against full and final payment in consideration for the purchase of vehicle by the customer. Such payment does not include any freight charges. All applicable charges for export of vehicle to the nearest port of customer shall be payable by customer separately. The customer shall be responsible for clearing the exported vehicle from the dock yard and custom. The invoice containing the details of export and its FOB value shall be issues by the company after the customer makes the payment.

The Bizupon Co Ltd shall not under any circumstances be held liable for any loss or damages to the vehicle in transit or at destination port.