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At Bizupon, we work with authentic Japanese car exporter and have in stock, many brands like Toyota, Honda, and Nissan.
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Get Used To Japan Auto Auction Culture

Buy Used Cars in Kenya

At Biz Upon, you can buy pre-owned cars from any brand, any model. Our crew has the expertise in offering a range of choices precisely as per customer preferences. This advantage has made us a reputed dealership in Kenya with a forte in getting customers what they need.

We have made a name for ourselves as a trustworthy multi-brand used car dealership. At our dealership, you can find a wide range of vehicles, each suited to your driving choices and budget constraints. Allow our experts to show you the best-in-class customer servicing experience that you deserve when you step into our dealership in Kenya. You will find major car brands like Toyota , Hinda Subaru , Nissan , etc. We have a big list of models and variants that will delight you. From making the right choice to drawing up the paperwork for the transfer of ownership of the vehicles, we do it all and much more, only for you.

We also make provisions to keep the buying process simple with online ordering. In this approach, you need to fill out a few details online, submit it and make the payment by T.T. Once this step is done, we will dispatch the order and ship it to a port nearest to your destination. Here, you can use our Bill of Lading to get possession of the used car registered in your name. You can also participate in live bidding and get comprehensive information about the vehicle undergoing the auction. Bid for the same, and if you are successful, then you can have the car booked in your name.

How to Import Used Japanese Cars into Kenya

You need to know the legal mandates around importing a second-hand car for sale into Kenya. There are many trusted dealers like Bizupon who provide end-to-end support. Yet it is better to get some idea on what are the formalities and paperwork you need to be aware of when you want to import Japanese cars from Japan to Kenya.

These regulations are in place by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS). The Kenya Customs at the port of Mombasa will carry out their duties as per these stipulations. This will, in turn, affect the used car price in Kenya

Some of the key guidelines to be aware of include –

1 – The used vehicle must not be more than 5 years (>1500cc) or 8 years (<=1500cc)

2 – There shouldn’t be a difference of more than 12 months between the date of manufacture and the date of registration.

3 – Must be safe enough to drive on the road without compromising the safety of drivers, passengers, pedestrians, or other vehicles.

4 – The Japanese import cars from Japan to Kenya Should follow the carbon emissions norm as applicable in the country.

5 – The Japanese used car in Kenya Nairobi, needs to be checked for quality, safety, and performance by the Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Centre (JEMVIC) before it is put for shipment from Japan to Kenya.

Reasons to pick Biz Upon

There are many car dealerships in Kenya, but very few can match our zeal for stellar customer servicing and providing deeply customized services.

Our crew is knowledgeable in second-hand cars for sale in Kenya. They work with you to get the best deal in pre-owned vehicles. Our 10+ years’ experience comes in handy when you are at the showroom. You remain feeling ‘invited’ without feeling ‘pressured’ to take an urgent decision on buying a second-hand car for sale.

If you need to do research on the possible options, take a look, do a test drive, or get any pertinent questions answered, our team of expert sales staff will be right beside you to resolve any doubts or questions that you may have. Get a hassle-free used car buying experience when you are at our dealership for second hand cars for sale in Kenya.

How Does Bizupon Help to Buy a Used Car from Japan to Kenya?

With our proven track record, we at Bizupon, have emerged as the leading used vehicles importers & suppliers in Kenya. When you need to look at superior quality cars imported from Japan to Kenya, you need not look beyond our team. We have built a formidable network of car dealers directly in Japan. This USP allows us to source a broad range of high-quality Japanese cars that are absolutely worth the investment.

We inspect the car quality on multiple parameters before we deem it a good fit to be listed on our site. No cars will make it to our website without our stringent QA checks for reliability, safety, performance, and engine life. You can be 100% assured of a reliable car that will serve you for many years.

Be it communicating with Japanese exporters in their language and arranging for paperwork to clear the car for shipment to Kenya, we can do it all. All you need to do is select the car you like, make a small deposit, and sit back and relax. We will get the vehicle at attractive used car price in Kenya. We have a team that coordinates with Japanese exporters and the Japan customs officials, to arrange for the safe passage of your chosen car. Even when it reaches the port at Mombasa, we arrange for the necessary paperwork so that it is cleared to be transported to your doorstep.

Hence, when you want to import Japanese cars from Japan to Kenya, Bizupon is the sole business you can trust for end-to-end support. Contact us today to get started.

Clients Feedback

I recommend bizupon to buy cars from, I have been using their services and buying cars from them since very long and they always arrive same neat and clean. I don’t know how they maintain same quality of services all the time.


Вот уже 8 лет я веду бизнес с вашей компанией, и я рад сказать, что вы лучший в отрасли. Я очень доволен вашими услугами.


Я очень взволнован, когда пишу о своем опыте ведения бизнеса с bizupon, я бы сказал, что собираюсь покупать свои машины у bizupon, пока я в этом бизнесе.


Bizupon is one of the best car dealers I came across, the thing I like the most about bizupon is their transparency, they are always clear with their deals and never try to misguide their customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can browse through our stock list and choose a vehicle based on its make and model name. Our sales executive will let you know the availability of the Japanese used car. If the vehicle is available, you can confirm your order. Our sales staff will then send consignee information followed by a confirmed Performa invoice.

Q. Do your staffs inspect the cars before bidding?

In a situation where the buyer isn’t able to inspect the vehicle independently, Bizupon helps the full support. Our staff will perform a thorough inspection of the vehicle before the bidding is initiated. The staff can provide you with a list of inspection services that will be used in inspecting the vehicles on your behalf.

In order to purchase the selected vehicle, you will require making the payment by T.T. into our bank account. The details of the bank account can be found on the Performa invoice. You will require making the payment with three days of ordering the vehicle. Once the payment is initiated, share the payment details with us so that we can cross-check the same.

Yes, we have our local office in Kenya. We also have our branches nationwide in places like Toyama, NZ, Chile and Russia. You can visit our branches as per the listed address to clear your queries and know about the online buying process or auctions.

We ensure to make a seamless deal from beginning till the end for buying a used car for sale. The idea behind online procedure was to enable people from the world to be able to invest in a used vehicle. But, if you wish to stop by at our local office and complete the procedure, then you are always welcome.

Once you make the payment and the payment is verified by our accounts team (it takes three working days to settle), we will proceed to import car from Japan at the nearest destination port like Mombasa port. The vessel takes about four to five weeks to reach its destination.