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Japan second-hand automobiles are shipped to a large number of nations worldwide.The durability & dependability of these automobiles contribute to their appeal

Is the defroster button on your car window functional? Great! Are you prepared with a sturdy snow brush and ice scraper? Awesome! You're off to a good start

The recent economic slowdown has caused panic in the consumers. People are showing the least interest in buying new assets that depreciate quickly.

Keeping the car well-maintained entails, a lot of visits to the auto workshops. They carry out a routine set of tasks like oil change, cleaning of air filters.

Buy Used Cars in Tanzania with Bizupon’s Expertise

When you decide to buy a sleek used car, you need to have the correct information. You will search online for Japanese Used Car for sale in Tanzania. But it is not enough. The best way out is to find a trusted site for Used Vehicles Importers & Suppliers in Tanzania.

While searching online, you will find many Used Vehicles Dealers for Tanzania. You will have to choose smart when you look at cars for sale in Tanzania. However, used cars in Tanzania can offer you many advantages, especially for beginners.

Let's learn more about how to own a premium vehicle from used cars for sale in Tanzania.

An Overview of Importing Used Japanese Cars to Tanzania

Sometimes, importing a Japanese used car into Tanzania may seem daunting. Or contact dependable used car dealers in Tanzania. Here is an overview of the taxes, duties and regulations for importing a car into Tanzania.

1 – The Mandatory Inspection

Importing your vehicle according to Tanzanian law is straightforward. When you use a reputable import agency, it will provide an inspection service before shipping the vehicle. Regardless of the type, the vehicle must pass a road-worthiness inspection. The inspecting officer will issue a certificate if the vehicle is roadworthy.

If you decide on importing a car from Japan to Tanzania, it will need to go through a JAAI inspection under the supervision of the Japanese government. This inspection applies to the import of used vehicles from Japan. If the vehicle does not clear the inspection, the seller will have to get it repaired before importing it into Tanzania. Importing without an inspection certificate calls for a penalty.

2- Import Taxes

The car price includes an inspection and handling fee. The import duty depends on the type and engine capacity of the vehicle you wish to import into Tanzania. Suppose a vehicle has an engine capacity of 2000cc, it attracts an import duty of 25% and 20% VAT or up to 50%.

A car with a 2000cc or more engine capacity attracts 25%, 20% VAT, and 10% excise or import duty or up to 65%. If importing van, pickup, lorry or bus, you pay 15% import duty and 20% VAT or 32% tax. Also, taxes depend on the age of the car.

A 10-year or more car demands higher taxes than those for ten years and less.

3 - Age of Imported Cars

According to Tanzanian law, one cannot import vehicles that are ten years or more. In some cases, vehicles older than this, if imported, are fined 20%. Depending on the policies, local tax rules change over time. Therefore, you must contact the local authority to collect the latest information before importing.

In addition to the duties and taxes levied on Japanese used cars in Tanzania, you will also need to consider clearance or forwarding charges when your vehicle arrives at the port of destination. Connect with a trusted used car agency like Bizupon for the best deals on and complete information around Tanzania. It can aid in the clearing and forwarding of Japanese vehicles in Tanzania.

Why Choose Bizupon?

There are many factors that make Bizupon the ideal company to help you get authentic Japanese vehicles exported to Tanzania

1 – Bizupon possesses immense industry experience. This USP makes us the preferred seller when you need a quality pre-owned Japanese vehicle in Tanzania.

2 – Bizupon’s team can easily navigate the geographical and language maze in Japan. Their network with credible sellers of second-hand Japanese cars works in your favour.

3 – We carefully scrutinize the performance and engine of the selected car. This way, you are assured of total value for money when you buy with Bizupon.

How Will Bizupon Help You as Used Vehicles Importers & Suppliers in Tanzania?

Bizupon’s expertise helps you get a car that displays the following benefits.

1 – Your car undergoes 100% end to end inspection to ensure total quality.

2 – You need not face the risk of getting a different car or not getting a car delivered at all when you book from another country.

3 – We ensure 100% compliance with customs and government norms in Japan as well as in Tanzania

Steps in importing your Japanese used car to Tanzania

1 - Choose Your Vehicle

Visit a Japanese car exporter's website like Bizupon and select your vehicle . There are many companies offering options, so make sure you are buying from a reputed company. You can avoid fraud in your money. However, you should be fine provided you use common sense and buy from trusted and established companies to Import Japanese Used Cars in Tanzania.

2- Choose Your Port

Once you have selected your vehicle, select the port of delivery. Dar as Salaam in Tanzania is preferred if you wish to pick up the vehicle yourself at the port and drive back home. Importing Japanese used cars is now convenient if you have a reliable Japanese used car exporter with you.

3 – Order and Pay

Place your order once you select your vehicle and port of delivery. Click the "Order" button on your chosen website, and you'll receive an invoice from them. The invoice includes payment terms like

1 - FOB, or Free on Board which is the cost of the vehicle.

2- An Insurance policy to protect your vehicle from loss or damaged during shipping.

3 - Freight charge from Japan to your chosen port.

4 - CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight), the total of 1 + 2 +3, at your chosen port. Pay as per the terms of the invoice and your agency which will reserve the vehicle for you.

5 - Documents for port clearance and tax

You will receive the required documents before the vehicle arrives at the port, like

1 - Bill of Lading or BL to claim your vehicle

2 - Export certificate to prove a legal import.

3 - Invoice to submit to your local revenue authority or tax office to pay the fee.

6 - Port Clearance and Delivery

Once your vehicle reaches the destination port, you can "clear" your vehicle at the port with the help of the necessary documents. Drive back home in your pre-owned Japanese car that provides comforts at lesser prices.


Now you know how a trusted car agency like Bizupon can get you Japanese Used Cars in Tanzania. Browse through cars for sale in Tanzania at Dar as-Salam. Once you pick your car, get it home in Tanzania through one of the leading Second-Hand Vehicles Dealers, like Bizupon.