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When you buy cars from Japan through a recognised reseller, you can be guaranteed that the vehicle will be mechanically sound and that you will get time-limited

Japan second-hand automobiles are shipped to a large number of nations worldwide.The durability & dependability of these automobiles contribute to their appeal

Is the defroster button on your car window functional? Great! Are you prepared with a sturdy snow brush and ice scraper? Awesome! You're off to a good start

The recent economic slowdown has caused panic in the consumers. People are showing the least interest in buying new assets that depreciate quickly.

Why Bizupon is the Ideal Dealer to Import Japanese Used Cars to Kazakhstan?

Ask any hardcore car enthusiast or any car owner, everyone agrees that automobiles manufactured in Japan are the best when it comes to performance and engine resilience. This fact is accepted by car enthusiasts and also by American and European car markets as well.

Perhaps this explains why even second-hand cars from Japan are so much in demand by people here in Kazakhstan. They are built to last long and are one of the most durable vehicles.

Pre-Owned Japanese Cars - A Favorite in Kazakhstan

With their monumental popularity, it is no surprise that importing Japanese used cars to Kazakhstan is one tough process that only a handful of professionals are qualified enough to deal with. The name of one such professional second-hand car selling website is Bizupon.

Buying from used car dealerships in Kazakhstan is not a simple process for someone new to buying a used car. But with the help of professionals from Bizupon, you need not worry about anything.

Our professionals can help you choose the best car as per your needs at affordable prices. The good news for automobile aficionados is that Kazakhstan has joined hands with other countries to bring Japanese used cars into Kazakhstan.

With the rise of numerous online websites, you can easily purchase cars from used vehicles importers & suppliers in Kazakhstan. These Kazakhstan second-hand vehicles dealers only deal with selling Japanese used cars.

Since the Japanese put their car through thorough inspection and checking, a Kazakhstan used car dealer is always ready to purchase second-hand cars at reasonable rates.

Our professionals from Bizupon deal in selling all kinds of Japanese manufactured used cars such as Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Subaru etc.

Today we will be explaining why you should choose Bizupon to import Japanese used cars to Kazakhstan.

Bizupon Is a Reputed Supplier Who Will Help You Ship the Car

We are a reputed second-hand car selling website, who can help you choose your dream car at affordable rates. You can research our services and read reviews about how well we have helped our clients.

We have an experienced staff to handle all the processes from choosing the right car, buying the car, helping with smooth transactions, and shipping.

Choosing the Car, You Want to Buy

When it comes to buying used Japanese cars, there are two ways by which you can buy used cars. One is through auctions, and the other is through online websites like ours.

Buying from the auction is a hectic process for someone inexperienced. But you need to worry as we have experts who will assist you with buying the car from an auction.

We always go the extra mile in service of our customers, and we help our customers by purchasing the car from the auction on their behalf.

Paying for the Car

Once you’ve chosen the car, it is time to make the payment and initiate the further steps. When you’re purchasing the car from an auction, you need to have an expert who will guide you through the process. We have a team that will help you.

When buying from online websites, you need to talk with the dealer, and they will send you the Pro-forma Invoice. Once you get the invoice, make the payment within 48 hours, and your payment process will be complete.

Purchasing from Kazakhstan used vehicles dealers might be expensive compared to buying tested and good quality Japanese-made cars from Bizupon.

Shipping the Car to Kazakhstan

Once the payment has been made, the car will be given the green light to be shipped to Kazakhstan. Since you’re buying from a reputed seller like Bizupon, you can be assured that your car will be thoroughly checked before shipping

We have a dedicated team who work tirelessly to ensure that you get your used cars in Kazakhstan in good condition. We perform thorough checks before we ship the car.

If there are any problems, then those will be sorted out and then delivered. The cars will be shipped to Port Aktau, which is the main port of the country.

What Do You Need to Know Before Purchasing Japanese Used Cars for Sale in Kazakhstan?

The process of buying Japanese used cars for sale in Kazakhstan is not that complicated, and the things you need are as follows: -

  • The Japanese used car in Kazakhstan should not be older than five years.
  • The engine volume should be less than 3 liters, and the vehicle you buy should only be used for personal uses. They should not be put up for sale or reselling.
  • All the duty fees such as import fees and other fees should be paid by the buyer well in advance.

Documents You Need to Show Before Purchasing Japan Used Car in Kazakhstan

The documents you need before purchasing a Japanese used car in Kazakhstan are as follows: -

  • Submit a copy of the technical passport or the certificate of title for the car.
  • You will have to show the original proof of registration.
  • You should have the purchase invoice and bill of lading (BOL) with you before shipping.
  • Submit the Pro-forma invoice with all the car details regarding the chassis, engine number, model number, color, production year, and other custom values.

Fees That Need to Be Paid

You can only get the car delivered to you if all the fees have been in full in advance. The duty fees and taxes you need to take care of are as follows: -

  • If your vehicle is five years or older, the duty rate charged will be around €4 per cubic centimeter of the engine of 1800cc to 3000cc.
  • For 3000 cc engines, the charges will be €12,000 with the VAT amounting to 12%.
  • For vehicles with an engine over 3000cc, the rates will be increased to €5.8 per cubic centimeter.
  • Cars with engines with over 4000 cc will have to pay fees of around €23,000, and the VAT charged will be the same at 12%.

If all these amounts are paid in advance, you can get your cars delivered straight to your home from the Aktau Port.

Wrapping up

Now that you know more about buying a used car in Kazakhstan, our team of experts will help you safely get the car delivered to you at reasonable prices.