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Bizupon is known for its customer-centric approach for more than a decade. We promise to make your deal a 'perfect..

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Bizupon allows its registered members to purchase vehicles through live bidding as well as from its own stock list..

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We are one of the prominent suppliers of new and used vehicles/machinery from Japan. Bizupon takes customer experience..

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By Auction

We help you get high quality imported Japanese cars through bidding and auction process. If you have a select make or model of car you want ReadMore

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How to Buy

By Stock

At Bizupon, we work with authentic Japanese car exporter and have in stock, many brands like Toyota, Honda, and Nissan.
Our wide network ensures ReadMore

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Get Used To Japan Auto Auction Culture

Import Japanese Used Vehicles Directly from Japan Auction Houses

Bizupon is one of the leading Japan car dealers provides used vehicles/machinery from japan, to across the globe. We procure our stock of vehicles/machinery through dealers and Japan vehicle auction sales. Catering to your needs and maintaining high-quality standards is always our motive, and we look forward to serving you with the same dedication in future as well. All we do is ship your dream car to your convenient location any time anywhere.

We are a trusted name in selling commercial /non-commercial, sports/heavy-duty vehicles for both right and left-hand drives. Bizupon is also a prominent name in second hand sales of all varieties of motorbikes in almost every part of the world. Our experts participate in live car auctions in Japan to obtain your selected car model at the best prices. With more than 15 years of experience in hand, we are the leaders in serving you with the best quality product at very reasonable rates.

Buying second-hand vehicles from Japan and machineries is now as simple as a click, all you need to do is find your kind of a vehicle/machinery on our website, and we will ship it to you. We provide a guarantee for all vehicles sold by us along with insurance cover. Worried about quality? Well, we are very sincere when it comes to quality. All our vehicles/machinery undergo a large number of quality checks and services in order to ensure that you get your used vehicle in almost as good a condition as new. Famous brands like Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Suzuki and are on our stock list. We have all variants of Japan second hand cars, be it SUV, sedan, wagon, hatchback, van, bus etc. When you connect with us for Japanese used vehicles for sale, you can rely on us to deliver an unmatched car buying experience. We offer convenient shipping for all our orders and security, and safety of your vehicle is rest assured.

Are You Looking for Different Types of Used Cars?

We understand that all our clients have different budgets and different needs from their vehicles. That is why we offer our customers the most extensive range of second-hand cars for sale across Japan. From luxury cars to cross overs and sedans, you will find all the variety with us.

Why Choose Bizupon For Buying Your Dream Car?

At Bizupon, we are driven by our passion for providing our clients with the best service. That is why we provide our clients with a list of amenities that you may not find elsewhere when they order used cars from Japan. We ensure:

  • Any second-hand car that you buy from us has been checked and certified by the experts so that there are no technical glitches whatsoever.
  • Our Japanese used cars auction section has enough variety in terms of the models as well as brands. Hence, the clients never feel that there is any want of options when they buy car from Japan in auction
  • We offer you the best price for second-hand cars for sale.

Best Used Japanese Cars for Sale at Bizupon

Bizupon is the perfect choice for buying a pre-owned car in Japan. We make your journey to finding the right pre-owned car smooth and easy. As a result, you get the best used car price in Japan, for your selected models. All our Japanese import cars for sale are examined by automotive experts and maintained in the top condition. The superior quality second-hand cars in Japan promise memorable trips and happy recollections.

Buying an Automobile from Japanese Used Car Dealers

At Bizupon, we are dedicated to ensuring that our customers get quality service from our professionals when buying a second-hand Japanese vehicle. The process of choosing, payment and delivery is transparent, simple and not at all time-consuming. We ensure that you get high-quality vehicles for your convenience as per your needs. This blog will explain two ways by which you can order cars from Japan.

You can buy them from stock

Every year our team at Bizupon gets several thousand Japanese second-hand vehicles for sale. These include cars from brands such as Toyota, Mazda, Honda, Mitsubishi, Lexus, Mazda, Subaru, etc. These cars come to us directly from numerous auction sites and again undergo extensive maintenance care. This helps us ensure that you do not face any difficulty as customers and get good services and your dream car at affordable prices. Not only do we have your dream car, but we also stock trucks , convertibles , pickups , vans , hatchbacks , SUVs , to name a few. You name a car, and we are sure we have them in good condition. We can get the car shipped anywhere globally, and we also have a dedicated online team to help us get the job done.

You can also buy them from auctions

As car enthusiasts, we know the importance of second-hand Japanese vehicles, and therefore, we have also established ourselves as Japanese used car dealers and have CAA Auction. In this auction, the customers get frequent updates about second-hand Japanese vehicles. Suppose you're an auction member, then you can log in by using the credentials provided by us and stay ahead of other bidders in the auction. When we say auction, it doesn't mean that you have to come to the action and do the work by yourself. Our team of experts will be present on your behalf and will do the auction for you, keeping in mind your best interests. Once we get into the auction, we will keep you updated about various cars and which car will be best suited for you as per your needs. We also give you the auction sheet ahead of time, which describes basic, detailed information about the car. These include the chassis number, date of manufacture, maintenance history if the car has any dents or scratches, or any problem with the car engine or transmission.

Final thoughts

It is essential that you properly understand the terminologies on the auction sheet, and we are here to help you with anything you want. Right from initial listings of cars to its eventual delivery to your destination port, leave it to us at Bizupon-Japanese Car Exporter for all-round assistance in buying high performance Japanese used cars.

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So, what are you waiting for? Explore the widest array of pre-owned cars and drive home with the best used classic Japanese cars. Hurry and grab the best offers!

Clients Feedback

I recommend bizupon to buy cars from, I have been using their services and buying cars from them since very long and they always arrive same neat and clean. I don’t know how they maintain same quality of services all the time.


Вот уже 8 лет я веду бизнес с вашей компанией, и я рад сказать, что вы лучший в отрасли. Я очень доволен вашими услугами.


Я очень взволнован, когда пишу о своем опыте ведения бизнеса с bizupon, я бы сказал, что собираюсь покупать свои машины у bizupon, пока я в этом бизнесе.


Bizupon is one of the best car dealers I came across, the thing I like the most about bizupon is their transparency, they are always clear with their deals and never try to misguide their customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Bizupon has extensive experience purchasing cars on behalf of customers through live bidding. Buyers can check the options available at the auction houses across Japan. As registered dealers, we will connect with the Japanese exporter and bid on your behalf. Once we win the bid, the shipment process will start so you can get the car.

Q.What is the best-used car to buy?

A triple blend of safety, engine performance, and looks will determine if a Japanese used car is a best buy for you or no. We place emphasis on rigorous inspection of the vehicle’s condition, and only when we are satisfied, do we list it for you.

You can select the vehicle, and our registered dealer will check all the verifications and complete the paperwork. We will help buy the car on your behalf directly from Japanese car dealers after a strict scrutiny. It is followed by the payment and shipment process.

Visit the official site of Bizupon and compete for the registration procedure, after which you can check the cars. Our experts have more than 15 years of experience. We will speak with the Japanese exporters and bid for you. This makes purchasing second-hand cars extremely easy.

The currency in which the prices are displayed is YEN or USD. We believe in customer satisfaction and believe in taking the experience to the whole next level. Thus, you can see any option as per your preference.

TT copy is Telegraphic Transfer, and it is one of the most preferred payment methods. It is the safest, simplest, and quickest and takes approximately three days to reflect the amount.

The payment process needs to be made by TT into the bank account. It is mentioned in the invoice in advance, and three working days are required to process this. The payment can be made in convertible currencies, like Yen or Dollar.

Of course, we speak English fluently. Apart from that, we can speak the languages prevalent in markets like Russia, Newzealand, and Kenya, can also communicate in local languages. So, our customers will not face any problem while speaking with us.

We do sell auto parts from popular brands of genuine quality at affordable prices. We sell various cars and authentic parts from different brands, like Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Chevrolet, Fiat, Citron, etc.