Japan Auction Houses Are Famous All Across the World

Bizupon is one of the pioneer exporters of used cars directly from Japan. We have been exporting automobiles for more than nine years all across the globe with innumerable satisfied customers. More than 30 well-known auction houses are in Japan with nearly 300 locations, from Okinawa to Sapporo.

One of the primary reasons for auto auction houses becoming popular is the professional inspectors or auction staff checking out every vehicle and noting everything about them in detail on the auction sheet of the corresponding vehicles.

In this way, the used cars get unique identification numbers which also indicate the car's condition. Our company correctly goes through the auction sheets for accessing the car features like a model, brand, manufacturing year, chassis ID, color, and mileage.

Types of Auction Houses

There are primarily two types of auction houses which are:

Online Auctions

Nearly 90% of the used cars are exhibited in the online Japan auction houses, where the vehicles get sold within 30 to 50 seconds. A seller will nominate the urikiri or the reserved price of the car. If the placed bid does not reach the urikiri due to the low competitors, the car will remain unsold.
In this scenario, sometimes the staff of Bizupon call the auction houses directly and pull up some negotiations. Our customers get immediate notification of purchasing the car on their email address, skype, or phone. The most reputed online auction houses in Japan are IAA, JU, KCAA, MIRIVE, SAA, USS, and more.

Tender Bidding Auction

Tender bidding auto auction houses accept bids for a particular period. Generally, it begins at 12 or 3 PM in the daytime and finishes by 6 PM. Here you cannot look at the bids of other buyers and can place your bids only once. The highest bidders win the car over others. If you cancel the bid after buying, there will be an additional cancellation cost.

How does Bizupon help you to get the best-used cars from the auction houses?

Bizupon is a member of most of the renowned auction houses in Japan. We have a network of dealerships all over the world. Bizupon helps you to
  • Export used cars from Japan.
  • Freight forwarding.
  • Buying the cars from the reputed auction houses.
  • Heaving Machinery.
  • Powerful and well-conditioned transportation.
  • 24 hours customer support service.
  • All used vehicles are KK (Karuma Kensa) verified.
  • Highly trained and committed account managers till the deal is closed.
  • Secured buying with enhanced payment gateway.
  • Warranted and marine insurance covered products.
  • Take care of all the legal paperwork.

Top auto auction houses in Japan

Below are some of the best Japan auction houses for used cars that Bizupon is associated with.
  • TAU Auction house
TAU Corporation is the biggest used car exporter in Japan and has a relationship with the leading importing companies all over the globe.
  • AUCNET Auction House
AUCNET is a combination of auction and network. This auction house has been operating online since the year 1985. More than 600 car dealers are associated with AUCNET.
  • TAA Auction House
TAA is the short form for Toyota Auto Auction. It is one of the oldest auction houses of used cars in Japan and includes a large unit. The company has ten physical locations all over the world. They are primarily known for the world-class delivery of used cars, where the bidding is open for all days except Sundays.
  • USS Auction House
Established in 1980, the USS Auction house is famous in the automobile market for offering used cars in the best conditions. It occupies nearly 30% of the second-hand car market in Japan, and it's well-known for its smooth operating way.
  • ARAI Auction House
ARAI is also called AAA auto auction house. It has experience of more than 33 years and sells more than 100000 units of used cars every month. ARAI deals with various second-hand vehicle types like trucks, cars, motorcycles, SUVs, commercial vehicles, and more.
  • JAA auction House
The Japanese Automobile Auction or JAA is not as enormous as the other auction houses mentioned above. It is a medium-sized business, selling nearly 30000 used car units every month.
So search and buy second-hand cars from Bizupon. We deliver the best vehicles at affordable prices!