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Buying used cars from Japan has never been so easier. At Bizupon, we go above and beyond to bring you a variety of used vehicles to choose from.

Our easy-to-navigate website makes it simple to scan through the never-ending stocks.

You can easily choose a vehicle based on its Make, Body, Type, Model, Year, Price, etc., and complete the buying process in just a few steps.

Here are effective tips on how to buy a car from stock –

1- Scan the stock

Start by clicking on the “Stock List,” on the navigation bar. You will come across a drop-down list that categorizes vehicles based on their brand, car body type and other requirements. Once you select a particular category, you will get redirected to the stock vehicle page.

You can further narrow down your options by using the filter to search the vehicle based on Carmaker, Car model and manufacture year.

2- Request a Quote

Once you choose a particular vehicle model based on the details and pictures provided, you can connect with us through Call, Email or WhatsApp (+81-8021898080, +81-8037164040) Daria ) to obtain basic information about the vehicle. Everything from the vehicle’s price to the documentation process and essential information will be shared with you.

3- Negotiate the rates/Make the Payment

The best thing about using Bizupon to buy used cars from Japan is that we are ever ready to negotiate the price of the vehicle with our customers. You can negotiate for a better deal and wait for us to work a way out for you.

Once you agree with the suggested price, our experts will send the invoice through your registered email id. You can make the payment within three days of receiving the invoice and share the payment details for us to inspect and confirm.

4- Documentation and Shipment

Once the payment confirmation is received from the bank, we will start with the shipment and clearance procedure. After undergoing all the legal formality, the vehicle will be shipped to your preferred location.

Bill of loading is issued almost a week after the departure. As soon as it is issued, the same and other necessary documents will be dispatched to you.

5- Be a Proud Owner of Your Vehicle

Typically, you will receive the shipping document before your vehicle arrives at the port. Use these documents to proceed with the clearing procedure so the vehicle can be collected and registered.

Please explore our website today to buy used cars from Japan in 3 simple steps and, of course, at an affordable price!