We become a helping hand in online bidding. We make purchase on order basis on behalf of our customers and help our customers to understand the auction system and select their product. We transfer knowledge of auction system so that our customer can bid their desired product from anywhere in the world. This way we provide numerous options to our clients on one website. We have registered dealers and manufacturers that auction new as well as used vehicles/machinery. As the client goes live for the bid our admin officer will contact them to know their bidding details and after confirmation will buy the vehicle on your behalf. This will be followed by the same payment and shipment procedure .

We get documentation sorted

Bizupon provides complete documentation help to customers from Purchase to delivery. We become the medium between the auction house and customer for any kind of correspondence. We take lead in providing all the documentation needed by the custom office in Japan. By sorting the paperwork, we try to remove all impediments and make the deal an easy sail.

Local transportation in Japan

Bizupon has systematic arrangements for local transportation within Japan. We promise to take all the responsibility, and provide a warranty cover to your vehicle in case of any kind of damages (except natural calamities) during the transportation in Japan. We consider our different transport partners to move the product from one place to another in Japan.

Hustle free shipping across the world

Bizupon ships products in almost every corner of the world. We have our shipping partners all over Japan (almost all the major shipping companies) Our shipping partners diligently take care of our shipping process. We also provide assistance in shipping to Japanase port.

Our Company gives detailed information on FOB, CIF and CNF

FOB stands for Freight On Board i.e. cost of product to the port anywhere in Japan. CIF stands for Cost Insurance Freight i.e. cost of product to the desired port including insurance during shipping and freight. CNF stands for Cost and Freight i.e. cost of product to the desired port including freight without insurance.

We provide bonafide access to our stock and facility to make the deal convenient

Here we provide login access to our registered user to check our stock list. We provide facility to make purchase. We give them transparent information from their purchase to shipping in their profile. Authentic information about the vehicle and policies of our company makes our website more appealing and easily accessible.