Buy Your Dream Car from Japan auction services with Bizupon

The vehicles present in the Japanese used car auction are of low cost, higher in quality, trendy and durable. These cars are inspected by specialists thoroughly as per the Japan inspection rules. The condition of some cars is like the new ones. The buyers from all over the world can then buy them with the help of reputed dealers like Bizupon. We are well-versed in the automobile industry of Japan and the auction system of the country.

Reasons to Select Bizupon for the Used Car Auction Services

Below are some reasons that have made Bizupon one of the most well-known names in the auction houses of Japan.

• Easy and hassle-free process of buying cars from the Auction Houses
We offer help in buying pre-owned cars from the live auctions of Japan. Purchasing directly from the auction houses might be a complex task for you. Thus, Bizupon is always there to support our customers in every step of buying a used car from Japan.
• Proper Auction Sheet Interpretation
Our organization offers consultation to all the clients related to the rules and regulations of Japan, ideal car manufacturing year, size of the engine, and more. It will assist you in making a final decision. We also translate the auction sheets and interpret them correctly for proper used cars assessment.
• Access to a Large number of Japanese Used Cars
Once you register yourself with our Japanese used car auction services, you will have access to more than 90000 pre-used vehicles from over 150 auction houses. With numerous choices, you will find your perfect car.

How to Get a Top Condition Pre-Used Car from Japan

You can be an owner of a top condition pre-used car in the following ways.
• Registration
In the first step, you have to register for the auction services through Bizupon. You can put all your details in the inquiry form. We will process the registration for participating in the live auction from Japan.
• Check out the Vehicles
Once you have registered yourself, you can access all the information related to the chosen pre-owned vehicles auction website. You can search for the desired vehicle you like.
• Submit an advance deposit
The client has to submit an advance deposit for placing the bid and buying the car from the Japan auction services. The advanced deposit is fully refundable if there is no successful bidding. But if you want to cancel the purchase after placing a successful bid, you have to bear the cancellation fees. The total advance amount is dependent on the vehicle price you want to buy.
• Selecting a pre-used car
After paying for the advance deposit, pick your vehicle from our website or from the live auction for placing your highest bid on the pre-used car. Bizupon can put a maximum of 10 bids every day for second-hand vehicles. Once we receive the request from the customer, we go through the auction sheet of that specific vehicle and check out its health condition.
• Bidding Moves Forward
Bizupon will activate the bidding on the cars selected by the customers on their behalf. If you win the bidding, we will send you a Proforma Invoice for the pending amount that you have to pay.
• Making Final Payment
You can pay the remaining amount through PayPal or bank transfer. You have to pay additional charges for the inspection, container shipping, packing, and more.
• Inspection and Shipping
After we receive the final payment from the customer, we will initiate a yard inspection, process the required documents, and book the car for shipping to the preferred destination. The customer can track the shipping status anytime on our website.
Ultimately you will receive the vehicle at your doorstep and enjoy its ride. So contact us to participate in live auctions and access your dream car through Bizupon.