Buy Used Car from the Auction Houses in Japan with the Help of Auction Sheets

There is always a golden rule of buying a used car and never purchasing it without thoroughly checking it mechanically. But in the case of purchasing second-hand vehicles from overseas like Japan, how can you scrutinize its condition without testing or checking it? Well, here comes the role of Bizupon in these circumstances.

Before importing a Japan used car from auction houses, we review the vehicle condition and history by going through the auction sheet. It will also indicate to the buyer if the vehicle was involved in an accident in the past. Bizupon will forward the auction sheet report to the user, who can make their final decision after reading it. However, auction sheets are not easier to understand by everyone.

Auction sheet of the Used Cars in Japan

All the second-hand vehicles go through an inspection before moving onto the Japan car auction . The inspector of the reputed auction houses rates the car's total rating on the auction sheet. During the examination phase, the authority grades the interior and exterior segment of the vehicle depending on the particular standards. It also consists of explanations for the grading of the car and the overall rating.

What is Present in the Auction Sheets of Used Cars in Japan?

The auction sheet of the second-hand vehicles includes the following basic information.

Production year and month
The original production year and month of the vehicle are present on the auction sheet. It helps Bizupon to calculate its age.
• Type of Body
If the car includes four doors, then on the sheet it will be written as 4D.
• Type of Car
It offers all the data on the car type.
• Chassis code
The chassis code of the car manufacturer is present here.
• Auction Gradation
It is one of the most significant segments of the auction sheet of Japan used cars from auction houses. S stands for brand new, XX for a damaged vehicle, and R means requires repair. The inspector also grades the car in numeric form. The lower the number, the lower will be the vehicle quality.
Grade RA or R: Heavily modified or repaired vehicle
Grade 2: Very poor condition
Grade 3: light damages and in average condition
Grade 3.5: Visible blemishes and in good condition
Grade 4: Slight blemish present
Grade 4.5: Little used car
Grade 5: Excellent condition like a new one
Grade 6: Completely new condition
• Mileage
It indicates the total mileage or kilometer that can run in one liter of fuel.
• Lot Number
Japan car auction houses include the highest number of pre-used cars and are put together in different lots. The lot number helps the buyer to locate and identify the car. It also assists in validating the auction report.
• Displacement of Engine
This part explains if there is any displacement of the engine and its size in the car.
• Exterior and Interior Parts
The interior and exterior part grading assists the dealers and the buyer know the vehicle's health condition. The external rating of the car is present on the left, while the interior grading is on the right side of the sheet. A is the highest rating for the parts.
• Chassis Number
Chassis number verifies and authenticates the used car. Bizupon also makes sure our clients get the exact vehicle that they have selected through this chassis number.
• Comments
In this segment, the inspectors write a detailed review and additional comments about the car. Mostly the comment is in the Japanese language.
• Diagram
The diagram of the car offers you a transparent overview of the vehicle's condition. It includes drawing any scratches, dents, or flaws on the vehicle's body. They represent the problems with the help of the alphabetic character, which indicates severity and defects.
• Additional Accessories
The inspectors use initials for expressing the car's additional features. PS indicates power steering, and PW means power windows.
• Additional Features
Additional features include the condition of the AC and the transmission type. For example, AAC indicates climate control or Automatic Air Condition, and FAT means Floor- Shift Automatic Transmission.
By reviewing the auction sheet, you can make up your mind and export your favorite car through Bizupon. Now that you know everything about the auction sheet start searching for the best Japan used car from the reputed auction houses.