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Purchasing used vehicles for sale is not an easy task. In this article listed some ways that will assist you in clearly inspecting and then purchasing used cars

As a car enthusiast, it is only logical to keep your car clean by using car wash and car wax. When you wash your car, it ensures that the car retains its paint

It is no secret that the automobiles manufactured in Japan are built differently. The main reason is that the materials used by the Japanese are of high quality

People who are new to buying electric vehicles or are fascinated with electric cars for sale should know that electric vehicles are different from engine cars.

Buy Used Cars in New Zealand

Are you looking to buy a genuine quality used car? Then check us out at Bizupon. We are a multibrand, certified used car company. At our dealership, you can find a wide variety of models from international brands like Nissan Toyota Subaru Honda, etc. Our line-up includes private, commercial, sports cars, and heavy-duty vehicles. We deal in both four-wheelers as well as bikes. The sheer assortment of choices at our dealership is what makes us a known dealership for second-hand cars for sale in New Zealand. We have got branches in various cities, and our network helps us procure well-maintained, high-performance vehicles for you. Every vehicle undergoes a detailed inspection to ensure that you get a great deal in second-hand cars. We maintain the up-to-date paperwork of the four-wheeler and maintain it well for every single day that it is present at the showroom. This way, you can see the car in mint condition and as good as new irrespective of which date you pick to visit the dealership in New Zealand.

Online Buying Made Smart

On our site, you can place an online order after browsing through a range of cars listed here. All you need to do is fill a small form, make a payment, and receive the order shipped from our dealerships. Generally, we ship your order to the nearest port and send you a Bill of Lading to retrieve the vehicle from the shipping company. This approach in buying cars provides a world of convenience and saves you a lot of time and effort in the purchase process.

Reasons to Prefer Bizupon

Our team goes above and beyond to ensure that you receive a stellar experience in vehicles for sale in New Zealand. We take pains to understand your distinct needs and then display the best matching choices in vehicles that will align with your preferences.

Import Tax on a Car Entering in New Zealand

If you are a citizen of New Zealand and want to get a Japanese pre-owned car imported to the country, then you will be provided with a free entry. However, there are certain conditions to be met first.

If you fail to qualify as per the expectation, then you need to be alert of certain caveats. Cars and motorcycles relieved from the tariff duty, so you will require paying only the goods and services tax (GST) of 15% for importing a Japanese used car to New Zealand. This is a common tax charged on every good entering in New Zealand from other countries.

Import Duty in New Zealand

The import duty you will require paying will be determined based on the valuation of the used cars for sale in NZ at the entry. A typical valuation of the motor vehicle is based on the price paid you to pay overseas for it. This will include the amounts of insurance fees and registration fees paid by you to the retailer for buying a Japanese import car in NZ.

How will Bizupon help you?

Bizupon will take away your stress by handling every detail and service required to Import Cars from Japan to NZ. Our impressive package handles all the facet of export associated with Japanese Used Cars for Sale in NZ.

We have invested heavily in customer satisfaction. The outcome shows in the competitive edge we have received, thanks to the continued patronage of our delighted and satisfied customers.

We have a dedicated team of customer care executives. Their only job is to assure you total peace of mind with any query or concern at any point in time. The expertise of the team at Bizupon will go a long way in providing you a great deal in second hand cars for sale here in New Zealand.

At Bizupon New Zealand, we are just one phone call (+81 80-9413-7878) away. Our sales staff will await your enquiries and questions before you feel confident enough to check out the most comprehensive array at our dealership and buy used cars.