How To Buy

Live Auction Bizupon Co Ltd allows its registered members to purchase vehicles through live bidding as well. Clients can check their desired vehicles from auction houses anywhere in Japan. They can bid for their desired vehicle online and we will buy the car on their behalf, thereby making the deal all the more utilitarian. This way we provide n number of options to our clients on a single platform. We have registered dealers and manufacturers that auction new as well as used vehicles/machinery. Soon you are live for the bid our admin officer will contact you to know your bidding details and after confirmation will buy the vehicle on your behalf. This will be followed by the same payment and shipment procedure as mentioned above.

Find your preferred car

Finding the vehicle of your choice becomes a cake walk with Bizupon. We offer a variety of options from our stock to make your choice hassle-free. Sorting your search by filtering it through Make, Model, Body Type, Year, Price etc makes it all the more convenient. This way we cater to your desired demands.

Connect with us for final price & Order

Once you make the choice of your desired vehicle, get in touch with us. You can contact us through Email, Call, WhatsApp and we will brief you over the rudimentary details of the vehicle , including its price, documents and other paperwork essentials. After agreeing on the price, we will send you the invoice to your registered email-id. This will dissolve every chaos and confusion and will make the deal seamless.

Making the payment and conforming it is utmost important

Kindly make the payments within 3 days after receiving the invoice. Sharing the payment details with us is very important so that your payment can be checked with our bank. After this we will proceed to other details like inspection etc to make your deal a fair one.

Paperwork & Shipping

The documentation required in shipments and clearance will start the very moment we receive payment confirmation from the bank . Your car will be shipped at your preferred location after all the legal formalities.

Grab the steering and go for a drive

Your dream car is just a step away, after the paperwork is sorted. Get hold of the steering once you complete the clearing procedure and pay the due taxes as per your country's custom .