How to Avoid Mistakes When Driving Your Automatic Car

The current pandemic scenario has made us realize the importance of owning a personal vehicle, especially an automatic car. People are finding it difficult to commute due to the risks and closure of public transport services. And nothing can be better than an automatic car. Buy used automatic car from Bizupon as it is the best way to ensure your transportation needs doesn't hit a block.

The only thing is to avoid some mistakes while driving automatic cars, such as
  • Driving Down A Slope in Neutral Mode
  • Driving Down A Slope in Neutral Mode

    Normally, the neutral mode is opted for to save fuel but switching to 'N' while driving on slopes is uncertain for the gearbox. It can cut off the oil supply and prevent the transmission from receiving proper lubrication, which can harm the gearbox. It may also mar the driver's ability to control the vehicle.

  • Launch of the vehicle
  • Automatic transmission cars have been equipped with a launch control component. Refrain from "launching" your car completely. Don't rev your car and shift to drive. So, the driver should start an automatic transmission car by putting it in drive mode, lowering the brake pedal, gathering speed, and then going up the pedal when ready for launch.

  • Switching to Parking Mode Before Stopping
  • Switching to Parking Mode Before Stopping

    Some modern cars will no longer allow it because there is a possibility that you could break the locking pin. The locking pin is used to prevent the transmission from moving. Switching to Park will put the locking pin in gear connected to the transmission's output shaft. It is also the same shaft to which the wheels are attached. It explains why the locking pin can break if you lock the car without stopping completely.

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  • Shifting Gears from D To R, R to D and P Without Stopping
  • Shifting Gears from D To R

    Auto transmission technology uses the transmission band and clutches to shift gears. Hence one needs to consider changing the direction mode from 'D' to 'R' or 'R' to 'D' after reaching a halt; otherwise, be prepared to face the adverse results.

  • Shifting To "Park" Without Stopping
  • In auto transmission's Parking mode, the car comes to a halt and is prevented from moving backwards or forward when the gear is changed to 'P'. Therefore, take care not to shift gears while the car is in motion to avoid unwanted consequences. However, it is always wise to shift gears to 'P' mode when the car is stationary.


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