Essential Factors Affect the Resale Value of Your Used Cars

How much will my car fetch if I sell it? It will be the first question on your mind if you decide to sell your car. Especially when you're trying to fix a price for a sale.

The price of used cars has increased significantly since the COVID-19 pandemic due to the lockdown and movement restrictions. As a result, used car auctions have reduced inventory leading to higher purchase prices.

You should always strive to sell your car through Bizupon in a Japan vehicle auction to get the right value for your vehicle. A clear understanding in computing the true values is crucial, so consider some factors such as

Appearance matters a lot for pre-owned cars inside out. A car with no dents, fewer scratches, and no rust damage will see a better price. Indicators of good maintenance are clean interiors, well-maintained furnishings and electronic equipment. Cars that look good tend to fetch more. Regular servicing, oil changes, battery life, and good tire condition give a good feel during test drives.

A company that sells more cars in the new car segment also enjoys equal success in the used car market because more vehicles on the road mean better service networks and amenities. On the other hand, a no longer-in production model will bring in a lower price due to concerns over spare parts, servicing, maintenance, etc.

Keep your car in good condition by getting it serviced regularly. If you have kept a record of regular maintenance and repairs, potential buyers can see that it has been properly looked after. In addition, the preservation of records is proof of upkeep, and it can increase the value of your used car.


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Single ownership or the first resale will fetch a better price than the second or third resale. Company-owned cars often fetch lower prices because multiple employees and the driver will be handling the car. This fact of continuous usage can lead to an undesirable level of maintenance and affect the value.

Proceeding through the right medium helps. For example, direct resale puts the hassle of retrospective check on the seller, and the buyer handles the transfer of documents. On the other hand, used car dealers and trusted websites provide proper documentation and take responsibility for all the vital checks. Therefore, they attract higher sales volume, resulting in a better valuation of pre-owned vehicles.

  • Aesthetic Appeal of the Vehicle

  • The Brand and Model

  • Mechanical Condition

  • Sole Ownership

  • Proper Sales Channel

For the final word

Get more value for your car. Rely on Bizupon to represent your interests at a Japan car auction live and ensure your vehicle fetches the best value.

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