Keep Your Car Clean with Car Wash and Car Wax

As a car enthusiast, it is only logical to keep your car clean by using proper car wash and car wax. When you wash your car, it ensures that the car retains its paint. Waxing is applied to reduce the scars damage to the bare minimum.

Washing and waxing is a skill that some have mastered, and with proper knowledge and skill, it can be mastered by anyone.

The materials used during the car wash matters a lot. Therefore, this article will explain how to keep your car clean by washing your car and applying car wax.


Washing the Car

Stated here are the steps on how to wash your car properly.


1- Scrub to Clean Off the Pollutants

Since your vehicle is continuously on the road, it tends to collect pollutants from the atmosphere. These pollutants make the car dirty, and the settlement of these debris leads to minor scratches.

Therefore, you must start by using a soft brush to scrub the surface of the car. While scrubbing, use a mild detergent.


2- Spray Water Over the Car


After scrubbing, it is advised to spray water because if there are any bird droppings or dried up dirt, it needs to be sprayed with water. After spraying, leave it for some time before you scrape off the dirt. You can also use a soapy rag to loosen up the dirt.


3- Start by Cleaning the Wheels

The wheels are a part that most people never pay attention to. Give it a good clean by using a brush and soap water to scrub the dirt. After washing, rinse the wheels and then brush to remove the dust and small stones completely.


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