7 Tips for A Well-Maintained Car in Kenya

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Here are some tips to ensure all-round maintenance of your prized four-wheeler imported straight from Japan.

1 – Check the engine oil 

Checking and changing engine oil at regular intervals is vital as it affects the health of the engine. You can easily check the engine oil level through a dipstick or digital display. You can ask the mechanic to show you how to check the oil level during the first service. Check the quality of the oil now and then, and always maintain the prescribed oil level. 

2 – Other fluids 

Several fluids keep your car and engine going smoothly. Coolant, brake fluids, power steering fluids, AC coolant, etc., are some of the other fluids that keep your car in good condition. 

The fluids should always be up to the required marks. If you cannot estimate or understand yourself, you can take the help of mechanics who can guide you well enough. Ensure to change these fluids at regular intervals. 

3 – Check the lights

If you don’t want a ticket while traveling, then check on broken or burnt bulbs. It is a safety hazardKnow how to inspect each bulb and light in your car. Take your car to a specialist to determine if it is a bulb or a fuse that needs to be replaced if you notice a bulb is out, 

The main safety of your car is your headlights. It is wise to consider taking some additional steps to help them shine. You can undertake such activities as cleaning the lens. Take time out in replacing the bulbs if they do not give proper lighting or become dim.

4 – Change engine air filters 

Always remember to clean the air filters. Clogged air filters can allow dust, dirt, and other particles in your car engine. It can affect the smooth performance of your car engine. So, if you don’t want it to happen, maintain clear air filters. 

5 – Check the working of the brakes 

The brake pedals of your car also need regular checking always to perform better. You don’t want problems due to malfunctioning brakes. Listen for brake noise, shuddering, or vibrations coming from the brake pedal. 

Consult a service center on these concerns in the first instance. 

6 – Inspect the belt and hoses 

Check on the belts and hoses of your vehicle to keep it running in good shape. It is one of the best ways to avoid a breakdown of your vehicle on the road. 

7 – Check the battery  

Your car will not start if you don’t have a functional battery. Though your car may have a modern battery, you still need to check on its working. 

For the final word

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