Five Superfast Methods to Remove Dents from your Car

No matter how much you care about your car, there is a risk of getting dented or dinged. There are many unavoidable reasons, such as a careless driver, a tight parking slot, and more. These marks can cause the disfiguration of your vehicle.

So how do you address this issue? Many paint less dent removal services can fix these surface defects, but they can be quite expensive. Trust Bizupon when you decide to buy Used Cars from Japan. In many cases, if you prefer, you can effectively fix your car's dents yourself using some of the tips listed below.

  • Use Hot Water for The Dented Bumper

    Hot Water for The Dented Bumper

    To remove a dent from your bumper made of rigid plastic, you need to make it more flexible. For this, douse the dent with hot boiling water. Wear gloves and reach behind the bumper and get the dent out. If you can't easily get behind the bumper, remove it from the car for the correction. Pour cold water over the bumper to cool and set the plastic once you remove the dent.

  • The Plunger Way

    The Plunger Way

    Use a plunger, as it works for a small dent. Use it on doors or side panels as the suction is built to get the dent out. Be sure to use a cup plunger to produce the suction you need. Start by wetting the plunger and the dent, and give some pulls to watch it release. Don't be too aggressive.

  • Use the Dry Ice Method

    Dry Ice Method

    Rubbing dry ice on the dents of your vehicle can clear it out. Wear gloves to apply dry ice directly to the tooth. Rub it on the damaged area and wait to see the improvement. You can repeat the process until the dent is completely ejected.

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  • Use A Hairdryer and Compressed Air

    Use A Hairdryer

    The combination can straighten dents. Start by heating the car dent with the hairdryer at the highest temperature. It will expand the dent and make it flexible. Spray the dented area immediately with a can of compressed air when the car is hot to the touch. The cold air from the can will cause the area to shrink and fix the dent.

  • Buy a Dent Removal Kit

    Dent Removal Kit

    In repairing damage to your car, dent removal kits designed for DIY ding and dent fixes can be effective. You will find many types of dent removal kits. Some kits work for small dings and dents, while others will take care of major damage.


    Rely on Bizupon when you need to buy used cars from Japan. You may also maintain your car with success with do-it-yourself ways to remove dents from your vehicle.

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