5 Tips to Keep Your Car's Tires in Best Shape Possible

Most people don't even realize the importance of keeping their tires in good condition until they get a flat. Maintaining your tires has a huge impact on the ride, quality, handling, and car safety.

Summertime is the peak time when most cars get a flat, and the number of accidents because of flat increases. Therefore, all year round, you should make certain your tires are in great condition.

Even before you take your car for a long drive, inspect the tire's air pressure, the air pressure of the spare, and then start your journey.

Only by considering your tires as an investment will you take responsibility for it. Once you consider your tire a crucial investment, you will ensure they are properly taken care of.

Therefore, to ensure you maintain the tires and avoid any puncture issues during your drive, we have listed several tips that will keep your car's tires stay in the best shape possible.


1.Regularly Check Your Tires Air Pressure

 Check Your Tires Air Pressure


Checking your tire's air pressure is very important. Even if you have a new car or a used car for sale, the tire pressure decreases over time.

You can monitor the tire pressure by using the tire pressure monitoring system equipped with the car or a tire pressure gauge.

A regular car tire should have tire pressure between 32 to 35 psi. The tire pressure in a heavy-duty vehicle can go up to 50 to 60 psi. The heavier the vehicle, the more pressure will be needed.


2- Do Not Overload Your Vehicle


Do Not Overload Your Vehicle


During summers, vehicles tend to consume more fuel while driving. This increases the burden on the braking and transmission system, thereby reducing the life of the vehicle.

If the load increases, the tire pressure also increases, and there is a chance of a puncture. A study found that around 70% of road accidents occur because the vehicle is overloaded. Therefore, for the safety of you and your family member, avoid overloading the vehicle.


3. Invest in Good Rims


Invest in Good Rims

A good and brand-new tire is no good without the use of good rims. When you're choosing a rim, always choose a rim suitable according to your car. Keep in mind the rim size should be appropriate.

Once you've placed the rim, remove any debris from the surface. Brush it with soap water on the surface to look out for any defects. Add a suitable pad to reduce wear and tear.

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4- Frequently Rotate the Tires

When you rotate the tires evenly, it ensures that both front and rear tires get an even wear. This helps extend their lifespan.

Depending on where the tires were previously placed, the tire shows the treadwear patterns. The front tires show more wear because of cornering than the rear tires. The wheels placed on the drive wheels have the most wear because of acceleration.


5- Get Your Wheels Aligned Once a Year


Get Your Wheels Aligned Once a Year


Whenever you take your vehicle to the service station for inspection, ensure that you get your wheels aligned. The front tires are aligned frequently so that there is no excessive difference in how these tires are pointing.

If they are not properly aligned, they can cause excessive wear. The tires should be aligned from a reputable workshop near you.

They should have the proper equipment to measure the tow in and tow out. If the wheels are not aligned, they should understand the issue and get it adjusted at the earliest while adhering to the manufacturer's recommendation.


Final thoughts

Following these five points will help you ensure your tires remain in good condition for a long time. If you face any tire difficulty on your used car for sale, get it inspected by a professional.


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