Your Expert Guide on Toyota RAV4 Vs Honda CR-V

When it comes to purchasing vehicles, shoppers look for cars that can handle everything to deal with everyday family life. This results in shoppers comparing a plethora of different makes and models. At last, they are left with two options, making the choosing process even daunting.

Similar is the case with two top SUV models - Toyota RAV4 and the Honda CR-V. Both of these models deliver a pleasant ride and more agile handling compared to large three-row SUVs. In fact, driving RAV4 and CR-V can feel a lot like driving a comfortable sedan that happens to have added space and elevated seating position.

However, there are various other differences that make RAV4 and CR-V distinct from each other. In this blog, we will take a look at those distinct features so that you can make a sound choice.

Interior And Exterior Comparison

Interior And Exterior Comparison Honda CRV

Honda CR-V

  • Interior

    Honda CR-V has very well-designed and spacious interiors along with fine cloth upholstery. You can choose leather on higher trims. Both the front and rear seats are spacious and comfortable to occupy adults. CR-V also has incredible storage ability. Plus, it has an 1110-litre boot at the back that can be extended to 2146-litres. You can even find extra space underneath the carpeted cargo area.
  • Exterior

    For many, the exterior of the used Honda CR-V for sale may not be appealing, but it looks better compared to other SUVs. You will find a grille up front that is a part of chrome black plastic. The bumper beneath the grille protrudes like an underbite and has LED drive lights installed on the extreme ends. Similar to other Honda models, even CR-V has high taillights.
  • Safety

    Honda CR-V’s safety features comprise six airbags, anti-lock brakes, stability control. The sensing suite package contains an automatic emergency brake, road departure mitigation system, active lane control and adaptive cruise control.

Toyota RAV4

Interior And Exterior Comparison Toyota RAV4

  • Interior

    This five-door, five-seater SUV has a roomy cabin, proper luggage capacity and decent storage space. Both front and rear seats are spacious and comfortable to accommodate adults. It also has a 6.1-inch multimedia touchscreen that handles the sound system and comprises a CD player, six speakers and a DAB radio. RAV4 has a 550-litres boot that can be increased to 1760-litres.
  • Exterior

    RAV4 has a pinched front grille edged with two narrow automatic LED headlights on each side. The rear end has a little bulk spoiler along with bulky taillights that protrude outwards. RAV4 has a 17-inch steel wheel and can be upgraded with alloy as an option.
  • Safety

    NHTSA has offered five-star overall safety ratings to RAV4. It also is felicitated with Top Safety Pick+ award from IIHS for scoring well in all the crash tests. Besides, the vehicle comprises automatic high beams, lane departure alerts, automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, forward collision warning and adaptive cruise control.


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Engine And Fuel Efficiency Comparison

Honda CR-V:

CR-V comes fitted with choices of turbocharges, like:

  • 190 HP 1.5-liters L15B7 engine offers average fuel consumption of 13km/l
  • 184 HP 2.4-liters K24W engine offers average fuel consumption of 12km/l
  • 215 HP 2.0-liters LFA1 hybrid offers average fuel consumption of 22km/l

Toyota RAV4:

When you Buy Japanese Used Toyota RAV4, you get:

  • 153 HP 2.0-liters 3ZR-FAE engine offers average fuel consumption of 12.5km/l
  • 177 HP 2.5-liters 2AR-FE engine offers average fuel consumption of 13km/l
  • 181 HP 2.5-liters 2AR-FXE hybrid offers average fuel consumption of 17km/l

Wrapping up

Most shoppers look for vehicles that are practical and efficient. Both vehicle models seem to win in both areas. Besides, both CR-V and RAV4 are useful, comfortable and reasonably priced, meaning regardless of which make and model you choose, you will end up making a sound investment.

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