Suzuki Jimny vs Mitsubishi Pajero Comparison

With the rapid change in the automobile industry, many cars have been introduced and vanished from the market, but a few remain a cult classic, just like the Suzuki Jimny. People who love SUVs, especially the mini version, should at least check this car for once. With a few years of production in the market, this car has ensured satisfactory results. You must have seen signboards or online advertisements saying 'Japanese Mitsubishi used car for sale. What is so special about Mitsubishi? It is one of the leading Japanese automobile companies that has introduced its mini SUV version under the category of Pajero. Both of these cars have made a tough choice for the buyers to choose between them. Let us compare these two cars based on their interior, exterior design to make a choice easier for you:


For Suzuki Jimny:

It is a neat and clean car with a cult classic look from inside. This car gives an elegant look with the best qualifying abilities for on and off-road travels. The interior of this car has four seats, trimmed with a cloth or synthetic leather, along with headrests. The well-finished interior offers ISOFIX child seat mountings on rear seats for the comfort of your child. The car controls are easy to access with door pockets, glove box and trays. With more than 100 litre capacity, the cargo area of this car can be extended by folding rear seats.

For Mitsubishi Pajero:

This car has extended interior length that enables a bit more space with legroom, headroom and easy access to get in and out of the vehicle. The vehicle offers reclining seats for better comfort. Some of the optional features of the interior are designed for women's version that has seat upholstery, odour cloth, and antibacterial and water repellent cushion seats. The car also has a baby-view mirror for child safety, a unique and stylish colour theme, etc. This car enables various places such as box sets, overhead consoles, door pockets, cup holders, etc., to store small items.


For Suzuki Jimny:

Are you looking for a Suzuki used car for sale? Then be sure to check its exterior. The Suzuki Jimny has the best looking exterior design for an SUV with a stylish front bumper with fog lights. Above the bumper lie the trademark of Suzuki and a bonnet for central air intake procedure. Additional exterior options are bicycle carriers, grill sets, roof racks and boxes, and sports bars.

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For Mitsubishi Pajero:

This car enables rear privacy glass with three doors that give it a unique exterior design. The car front has 2 bar knit grills with the badge or logo of the company and small round headlamps on the sides. The car has a top-quality bumper with air vents at the centre. It also has fog lights on the sides, just like Jimny. The last updated model of Pajero has central air cleaner intake ability.

Final Thoughts:

From the comprehensive guide, it can be concluded that both Suzuki Jimny and Mitsubishi Pajero are unique, solid and durable mini 4x4 SUVs for rough and challenging terrains. These cars can be used on off-road adventures and urban roads as well. With almost the same functions and features, suggesting anyone over the other would be tricky. Look out for the comparison above and choose the one that best fits your requirements. Get in touch with the best Japan car dealers for the latest Suzuki Jimny or the 2012 model of Mitsubishi Pajero at reasonable prices.

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