Four Amazing Tips to Protect Your Car from Scratches

Everyone who owns a car considers it as one of their precious belongings. Some car owners don’t allow any food or beverage inside the vehicle, whereas others keep different towels as they can’t withstand the slightest pinch of dust.

Where we give our 100% to ensure the utmost care to our cars, they keep exposed to several risks and hazards on highways and within the city. One such menace - and maybe the most irritating one - is scratches.

Besides creating an unattractive look, the scratched car paint causes bigger issues like rusting, provided the scratch is deep enough. Don’t worry; we have listed the most amazing tips to protect your car from scratches. So, let’s start.

1. Pick Your Parking Spot Smartly

Pick Your Parking Spot Smartly


You may argue that you’re an expert in parallel parking, but not everyone is. You can get into trouble if you park your car in a high pedestrian traffic area or close to another vehicle. Another driver trying to park in a narrow space beside your car, someone’s car’s opening door, and a scraping handbag can put a scratch mark on your vehicle or may even cause severe damage.

Try parking the car in a garage instead of on the streets. Also, pick the parking lot in a quieter area, and go for alternative transport when visiting crowded places. Knowing that direct sun exposure can damage your car’s paint is imperative.

However, if you keep looking for spots with trees for parking underneath, you may need to reconsider the decision. A wide range of destructive factors results in scratches like seeds, fruits, and resin dropping from the tree. And breaking and falling off a tree branch will be a nightmare.

2. Practice Driving Defensive Techniques

Defensive driving techniques are a well-practiced collection of tips, some broadly overlooked, while others are well-known. Alongside the golden traffic rules like adhering to the speed limit and wearing the seatbelt, defensive driving helps you acquire practical skills like foreseeing the potential mistakes of the other driver on the road.

If you abide by these techniques all the time, you can minimize your car’s risk of having some damage. Try to keep a reasonable and safe distance from other vehicles near you to avoid scratches that mostly happen on the road.

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3. Use the Right Methods to Clean Your Car Frequently

Use the Right Methods to Clean Your Car Frequently


There’s no answer to how frequently you need to wash your car, but cleaning it too often and inappropriately can result in damage equal to what dust and dirt could have done.

You must know that most small scratches - that couldn’t have been an outcome of an accident or bump - occur during the car wash process. This is why the other way to prevent scratches on your car is by washing it less frequently with a cleaner or cleaning it with your hand whenever possible.

One common mistake people make while washing their car is to “dust” the car’s surface with a dry cloth or directly use the sponge before rinsing the dirt and dust. To prevent scratches from damaging your precious car’s paintwork, you should avoid such a practice and always opt to use premium-quality, non-abrasive cleaning products.

4. Use Ceramic Coating to Protect Your Vehicle

Use Ceramic Coating to Protect Your Vehicle

Another best way to protect your car from scratches is using a ceramic coating solution, also known as nano-coating or nano-ceramic coating solution. Apply this transparent layer to your vehicle - no matter its age - and protect it from corrosion, UV rays, and scratches.

The best part is that you won’t need professional assistance to leverage the most out of the ceramic coating. Applying the practical car surface protection product on your car’s surface is easy, giving it water-repellent, high-gloss, anti-scratch, and chemical-resistant properties.

This amazingly thin, invisible layer stays effective for the next 3-5 years, enabling a simpler cleaning process and extending the lifespan of the car’s paintwork.

Final Words: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

You’ll find plenty of products that claim to remove scratches from the surface of multiple vehicles like cars, SUVs, motorcycles, minivans, etc. Although some of these products are highly effective in removing scratches, some “instant fix” products do more harm than good.

Unfortunately, people only wonder how to remove scratches when it happens, but no one follows the preventive measures, which goes a long way. For solutions like this and additional services like buying used cars made in Japan, trust Bizupon. We will always be your dedicated automobile partner till the end.



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