Have a Scratch on Your Car. This Guide will Help You Fix it

Many people can't fathom the thought of them living with a single scratch on their previous automobile. The reason is that many do not just consider it a mode of transportation. For some, it is a long-term investment from which they want to make maximum returns.

So, a scratch, if not mended, will cause you significant damage in the long run. Depending on your scratch, you should choose ways to fix them. The most important factor remains the depth of the scratch.

It can be fixed if the scratch is on the clear or base coat. But if the scratch is on your primer or the metal body, it becomes difficult to eradicate the scratch.

This article has explained what you must do to remove the scratch and how to deal with various types of scratches. These tips will also ensure that a scratch does not reduce the car's overall value.

You need to follow basic steps to fix these scratches, and they are as follows.


1- First, Wash Your Car

wash your CAR

You must always wash your car with car washing liquid soap. Add a couple of drops of the professional car soap and wash it thoroughly on your car.

Scrub the car using a microfiber cloth. The reason professionals ask you to wash the car is that it will make the scratch more visible. Once the car is washed, let it dry for some time.

2- Evaluate the Depth of the Scratch

Most of the scratches you find are on the body's clear coat or the base coat. However, you must be very cautious while assessing the depth of the scratch.

If you feel the scratch is too deep and the paint has been removed, you can bring the automobile to the closest repair shop and let them fix the scratch. Or else, you can stick to the DIY method and fix the deep scratches.

3-Prepare the Part for Repair

First, you'll need to cover the scratch part using masking tape and paper. Covering it will ensure the neighboring areas are protected. Always cover a larger area around the scratch to be safe.

It is easy to practice how to fix the scratches on second-hand cars. You can ask your friends who are keen on keeping their cars clean about which polishing kit you need to buy. They will guide you with the best kits to keep the color-safe.

This was all about preparing yourself to fix the scratches on your car. We will jot down a few of the most prominent scratches and how you can fix them with everyday items.

1- Paint Scratches

Repairing the paint scratches takes a lot of time and requires the hands of an expert mechanic. Initially, you'll have to rub the scratch with fine-grit sandpaper and a compound before you reapply the coat.

Reapplying is mostly done with an aerosol spray. You can get all these items in a scratch repair kit. Although, if the scratch is cut very deep, you must take it to a professional to paint around the scratch.

2- Deep Scratches

Deep scratches are often extended to the primer layer into the bare metal of the vehicle. If the scratch is deep, you will have to work on it longer than other scratches.

Initially, you need to repair the scratch by cleaning and filling it. This step is followed by applying a new layer of enamel paint and a clear coat. While applying, do not rub the polish too hard, or else you will damage the clear coat.

Professionals always suggest repairing the deep scratches from experts. They have the right tool and know how much pressure needs to be applied while polishing.

3- Marks and minor scratches

The thing about marks is that it only affects the car's surface. They don't penetrate too deep, and hence the owner can breathe a sigh of relief, as most of these can be fixed easily, as you'll only be needing a washcloth and a chemical.

The most common chemical you can use to fix the scratch is a lawyer thinner or acetone. Pour it on the washcloth and rub it on the surface. If the marks remain after rubbing, you can use some polishing compound, and you won't have to repaint the area.

If you see metal under the scratch, it means it has penetrated long into the metal, and it will have to be repaired.


Bottom line

This was a detailed blog on fixing the scratches or dents on your car. If you're planning to buy second-hand Japanese cars, then you can visit us at Bizupon and choose from numerous options.



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