Comparing the Land Rover Defender and Nissan X Trail

Famed for manufacturing budget cars, Nissan never fails to woo its cost-conscious customers with its array of high-performance vehicles. The company has launched various cars to date to capture the market with pride; one among them is the Nissan X trail. The car comes loaded with features.

This launch coincides with Tata Motors launch of its flagship product, Land Rove Defender- a powerful SUV car that has a slew of amazing features.

Both the cars have distinct features to make the customers ponder their decision about which one to buy. If you are also confused about which car is the best for you, keep reading the blog.

Land Rover Defender versus Nissan X trail- A Comparison


1.Quality Engines

Quality Engines

The air conditioner of the used Nissan X trail for sale is flexible. The suspension system of X trail is designed to provide the rider with a smooth driving experience. The model has a 2.0-liter engine, but you can also opt for other engines like 148 or 170 BHP. 

The Defender has a killer engine with an exhaust gas-driven turbocharger, electrical supercharger, and 48 volts hybrid system. It has a torque of 2000 RPM and 5000 RPM. 

The Defender comes in a wide array of powertrain specifications. Customers going for the petrol variant can choose between 2.0 L P300 turbo I4, a 2.0 L P400e turbo PHEV I4 variant, a 3.0 L P400 turbo MHEV I6, and a 5.0 L P525 s/c V8 engine.

Diesel vehicle buyers can pick from the 2.0 L D200/240 turbo I4 or the 3.0 L D200/250/300 turbo MHEV I6 engine.


2.Car Exterior

The used Nissan X trail for sale has a boxier look, and the model seems to be a crossover of other cars seen in the market. It does not look very attractive, but its features are polarizing. The alloy wheels, fitted with 65-series all-season tires, and sunroof give passengers a new driving experience.

The Land Rover Defender has an aluminium-intensive body and all-independent suspension with adjustable air springs. The car model guarantees a smoother and more pleasant driving experience on the street. 

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Because of its long wheelbase, the used Nissan X trail offers a large interior space and a much better view. It has enough space to accommodate adults and children. The car has a lot of cargo space too.

The Land Rover Defender is a bigger car and has rear-mounted handles. It can accommodate more passengers. It is 197.6 cm long and 78.6 cm wide, and 77.5 cm tall.


4.Safety features

You should not worry about safety when buying a used Nissan X- trail. The car entails traditional and modern safety features to keep the passengers in a safe position. The electronic stability control, which was not once part of the first-generation X trail, has now become a part of it, keeping in mind the passenger's safety.

The Defender too has a slew of features like Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Assist, 3D Surround Camera, Clear Exit Monitor, and Cruise Control and Speed Limiter.


Conclusion: Which car should you select?

Both cars are studded with impressive features, and selecting which one to buy is tough. Nissan X trail has a shorter wheelbase and is better for driving within the country. The shorter wheelbase is easier to steer, and one can move easily. The vehicle's weight reduces fuel consumption, acceleration, and braking distance. It has a high speed too. However, the Defender has more torque and engine power. It is a powerful car.

Ultimately, it rests on the consumer what features they want and for what purpose they need the car.

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