Why Use a Car Exporter to Buy A Japanese Used Car From Japan

Are you staying anywhere in New Zealand and planning to buy a Japanese used car? If yes, then you should only rely upon a Japanese car exporter to get cars from auctions and get the best of results. A team of professionals visits the different auction houses located in different parts of Japan. They even bid on behalf of the customers on select car models. This helps the customers to get the best price on your favorite car from Japan. Before selling the car to you, they will also inspect it quite thoroughly, as per the vehicular standards of New Zealand.

Common Reasons

If you are thinking of relying on the best exporters for Japan used car auction in New Zealand, then knowing some of the most common reasons behind this choice would be necessary. Here are a few aspects of their services.

1) 24/7 Service

A Japanese auction house provides 24/7 services to its customers residing in New Zealand. Once your car exporter gets in touch with them, a team of professionals will invariably be there to assist in bidding for the car model. Right from bidding the highest possible price, inspecting your car well to delivering it to you, the car exporters do everything on your behalf.

2) Complete guarantee of quality

When you get in touch with a car exporter, they will liaise with Japanese auction house in New Zealand to procure a high-quality car. Once you specify your requirements, they will contact the New Zealand Automobile Association’s Japanese partner. Then, they will evaluate the odometer reading of all the possible vehicles chosen for you. Lastly, they will recommend you the true value of the car and bid on your behalf at the best price.

3) Extensive Network

A second-hand car exporter helps you buy the best used car in New Zealand from a Japan used car auction without any hassles. And one of the most prominent reasons behind this is their extensive connectivity with auction houses. A reputed exporter in New Zealand collaborates with around 150 auction houses in Japan. And, every week, about 1000 vehicles are sold from each of these Japanese auction houses to different parts of the world.

4) Easy and simple shipping

When you get in touch with a car exporter in New Zealand, expect to get the fastest vehicular delivery. Once they bid successfully on your selected vehicle, they will leverage their connection with some of the most renowned shipping companies. This network will result in smooth, quick, and zero-trouble shipment of the car to your preferred port in New Zealand.

5) An affordable option

A car exporter in New Zealand charges minimal sums against their services of bidding at auctions in and around Japan. Hence, opting for their services means saving a lot of money with their sharp bidding skills that get you the car at the lowest possible price. Are you also looking for an affordable option to buy a car from Japan in New Zealand? If yes, then hire a second-hand car exporter to connect with Japanese auction houses right now.

6) PCC Service

Once the car exporter bids on your behalf to buy the car, they take all steps so that it reaches your place safely and on time from Japan. Rely on their expertise to arrange Pure Car Carriers or PCCs, to deliver your vehicle safely to your destination. Apart from that, each of the cars is thoroughly inspected by the exporter before reaching you finally.

Connect with a professional car dealership

The reasons above will tell you why you should buy a Japanese used car only from a reliable and well-known car exporter in New Zealand. They will bid on your behalf at all auctions across Japan.

Enlist the expertise of a domain expert like Bizupon to source only the best pre-owned cars from auction houses in Japan. We have the experience to facilitate the smooth shipment of your chosen car from Japan to your nearest port in New Zealand.

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