Toyota Aqua Review- The Best Hybrid Automobile

Toyota is the prime name for automobiles throughout the world. It has been manufacturing affordable and lavish cars since 1937. Among its myriad of different vehicles lies Toyota Aqua, also referred to as Toyota Prius C, the top class full hybrid yet small in size combination car.


Toyota Aqua is a subcompact/supermini hatchback car that was unveiled in Japan in the year 2011. The same model was re-released out of Japan in 2012 with the name Toyota Prius C, in which the “C” means the city. Toyota Aqua is a third model of the Prius clan. This car is a combination of a Yaris-sized vehicle that contains a hybrid power train.

Prius C is relatively cheaper when compared to its other family members but still offers optimum fuel economy. Prius is, in fact, one of the most successful nameplates launched in Japan within the last 20 years. Since its introduction, the Prius C has undergone two notable facelifts; one was done in November of 2014, followed by the second one in 2017. Various things like the bonnet, bumpers, and wheel arches were changed, but the power train was left untouched.


Toyota Aqua was built based on an enhanced and modernized Yaris-inclined platform. And that means the Aqua features Toyota’s 3rd generation Hybrid synergy drive that has a 1.5-liter DOHC four-cylinder, 16-valve containing VVT-I gasoline engine, which is the same displacement and engine model as the initial Priuses but with no belts. The 1NZ-1LM 1.5 – liter engine is coupled with an electric motor that generates the output power of 73KW. This output has the capacity to propel the car quickly from 0 to 100km/h within 0.7 seconds.

NVH Features

Well, being the small-sized car, it wasn’t quite expected that the engineers would pay special attention to NVH, that is, Noise, Vibration, and Harshness, but these factors are looked after too. You can only hear the engine working hard when accelerated initially. On flat ground, the car offers enough NVH between the engine compartment and the driver, which is barely noticeable, making Toyota Aqua a fine commuter car.


The all-new Toyota Aqua is installed with the continuously variable transmission (CVT), meaning the driver is offered a lot of ease while shifting the gear. CVT offers automatic transmission that manages to change seamlessly between constant ranges of gear ratios. With CVT, it becomes easy for the driver to operate the engine at a constant RPM even if the car keeps changing its speeds. The front suspension of the Prius C contains a coil spring, anti-roll bar, hydraulic double acting shock absorber. The rear suspension contains a hydraulic double acting shock absorber, torsion bar, coil springs.

Safety Management Features

The Toyota Aqua is built as per the vehicle safety standards and regulations that are essential for passengers, drivers, and even pedestrians. The car houses frontal airbags for both the passenger and the driver along with rear side/knee airbags and seat belts. You will also find automatic brake assistance, a centralized locking system with child locks.

The other safety features include daytime running lights, night vision feasibility, traction controls, tire pressure checking monitors, engine immobilizers, occupancy sensors, and stability controls.

The safety features are amplified in the Toyota Aqua by offering certain warranty provisions that offer coverage to drive train, corrosion hybrid electric, etc. The car has also gained five stars when it comes to Eco-friendly green vehicle systems because it emits about 90gms/km CO2, making it safe for the environment too.


Talking about the interiors, the Toyota Aqua houses some amazing features. The never-ending list of features includes automatic AC and climate control, vehicle stability control, a trip computer, reversing camera, adjustable steering wheel along with tilt and telescopic feature for comfortable driving, electronic brake force distribution, hill holder, cruise and traction control system, etc.

When it comes to the entertainment system, you get a Radio CD along with six speakers, meaning you can have a pleasant drive every time. The power windows and cloth trim are included in the interior to make the car look more luxurious.

Size & Comfort

Even though the car is a subcompact/supermini hatchback car, the interior of the Toyota Aqua feels quite spacious and luxurious because the vehicle’s height is 1455mm, the length is around 3995mm; width is 1696mm, and ground clearance is of 164mm.

The driver seat has enough space to accommodate a tall person; the same is the scene with the passenger’s cabin. The vehicle also assures of offering sufficient storage compartments so that you can enjoy carefree long-distance rides.

Get this classic car for your family

The best thing about owning a Toyota Aqua is that it offers impressive fuel efficiency, meaning you do not have to waste time refilling the fuel tank or require stopping at a gas station every hour or so. Get this splendid vehicle exported directly from Japan. We stock the pre-owned vehicle and can arrange to have it shipped to your home country’s port. Be rest assured of a thoroughly checked second-hand delivered to you, complete with all paperwork.

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