Top 10 Most Reliable Japanese Car Brands in 2024

Japanese carmakers are really good at making remarkable and modern designs. People often think Japanese cars are only reliable and not very exciting. But that's not true at all! Japan makes cars that are not only super reliable but also really cool. One of their brands is the best-selling in the world and has won many races like Le Mans. Another brand makes electric cars with a cool minimalist design. And there's another famous brand that's known for its rally-inspired engines. Japanese cars are definitely not boring! Let's check out the top 10 Japanese car brands.

Top Japanese Car Brands in 2024:

1. Subaru

Subaru Cars

Subaru is known for its special engines and four-wheel drive. They've won many championships in rally racing, especially with Colin McRae from Scotland. The Impreza WRX is loved by car enthusiasts who enjoy modifying their vehicles. Additionally, Subaru's Outback and Forester models are favorites among people. They are beneficial for those who require genuine off-road capabilities.

Subaru cars offer the ability to tackle any terrain, a history of winning in rally competitions, and a unique exhaust sound due to their flat four engines. Overall, Subaru cars are highly regarded for their performance and capabilities. What's not to love?

2. Lexus

Lexus Cars

People didn't think a new fancy car brand called Lexus, made by Toyota just to make money, would be successful. They said Mercedes-Benz already makes reliable luxury cars, so who would buy Lexus? But it turns out lots of people worldwide do. They sell over 700,000 each year!

These cars are comfortable as well as luxurious and very reliable. They also have some cool designs, like the LFA coupe made from carbon fiber, that can go really fast. People loved the RX SUV because it was comfy and could do a lot of things. Now, Lexus is also making cars that use both gas and electricity to be better for the environment, like the hybrid ES and LS.

3. Nissan

Nissan Cars

The list of top Japanese car brands in 2024 is just incomplete without Nissan. You might think Nissan cars are boring. There has been a conception that the Qashqai is for carrying stuff or pets, and the Micra is for noob drivers. Some people often think like that, but that's not true.

They have a special sequence of Z-cars. These prototypes are just beasts. The 240Z and 370Z are often known for their looks. These models also boast top speed and are easy to customize. The newest one is simply called the Nissan Z. Another famous Nissan car is the GT-R. Not to exaggerate, but it is a dream car for many. This piece is really fast and impressive.

4. Suzuki

Suzuki Cars

It is a Japanese car brand that many people forget about. We suggest that it shouldn't be overlooked. They are well-known for making motorcycles, but their cars are also unique. For example, they have the Ignis, which has a cool design and can be driven on all four wheels. Then there's the Jimny, which looks a bit boxy, almost like it was drawn by a kid. Suzuki also makes SUVs, like the Vitara, which looks nice. But if you ask us, having an Ignis and a Jimny would make a great pair of cars for your garage.

5. Mazda

Mazda Cars

It is a Japanese car company known for doing things differently. For example, they've stuck with using a type of engine called the rotary engine in their models. It's not always reliable and uses a lot of fuel. They used it in cars like the RX-8, which had doors that opened in a unique way. They've also won races like Le Mans using this engine.

People who love cars appreciate Mazda's dedication to making classic sports cars with the engine in the front and the wheels at the back, like the MX-5. They've done this better than some famous British car brands like MG, and their cars are known for being dependable. Mazda's design style, called Kodo, has won many awards for its simple and sleek look.

6. Honda

Honda Cars

Another popular car brand you'll see everywhere is Honda. Soichiro Honda started it in 1948. It was solely focused on making cars for regular roads and for racing tracks. Before, it made motorcycles that won races like the Isle of Man TT. Additionally, their engines powered famous racers like Ayrton Senna to win championships in Formula One racing. Senna also helped in making a super-fast car called the NS-X.

Honda's special models, like the Civic Type-R, are known for their wild designs. This model has won races in series like the British Touring Car. They're always trying new things, such as their electric car called the Honda E. This model is made for city driving and has a simple, modern look.


7. Mitsubishi


It is a big Japanese company that makes lots of different things, including cars. The name" Mitsubishi Shokai" means" three diamonds" in Japanese. This is often the reason why you see three diamonds in their emblem. The Mitsubishi Lancer EVO was born from its successful rally program. It was so good that it even inspired a magazine named after it. As of now, Mitsubishi makes dependable off-road vehicles like the Outlander PHEV. This model is a top-selling hybrid worldwide.

They got praised for making cars like the Mitsubishi Lancer. It is often known for being fast and protean. And for the Mitsubishi Pajero: it is a tough and competent SUV. People prefer Mitsubishi cars because they are innovative and are often durable.

8. Infiniti

Infiniti Cars

Nissan has heavily invested in its luxury car segment, Infiniti. They want it to be as successful worldwide as Toyota's Lexus. They even sponsored the Red Bull Formula One team at one point.

In the US, Infiniti cars are very popular. But they haven't been as popular elsewhere. However, they are still popular as used cars. This is often because they offer a luxurious choice for a low price. Since they're made by Nissan, they're reliable and don't often have problems.

9. Isuzu

Isuzu Cars

Do you often go up and down in a hilly area? Yes? Then, your nearby Isuzu dealer has the perfect vehicle for you. Isuzu makes tough off-road vehicles that run on diesel. They're so strong that they can handle almost any steep hill. Isuzu is one of the top Japanese car brands that continually focuses on making reliable vehicles. These are great for people who love off-road adventures.

They have been accomplishing this for two decades. So, their latest creation, the AT35, is the toughest model yet. Despite its tough appearance, it has a comfortable interior. This vehicle will impress everyone on the road and in the mountains.

10. Toyota

Toyota Cars

We know you have been looking for this name. Well, it is one of the top Japanese car brands. Toyota isn't just known for selling lots of cars worldwide and making cars that rarely break down. They are also run by people who are really passionate about cars.

For example, they made the GR Yaris, which is like a supercharged version of their regular hatchback meant for racing on normal roads. Then there's the GR86, an amusing sports car. The best of them being the Supra, a sleek coupe made with the help of BMW. Plus, they've won the Le Mans 24-hour race multiple times.

FAQ - Top Japanese Car Brands

Which Japanese car brand is most dependable?

People generally believe Toyota is the most reliable Japanese car brand. It focuses on making high-quality cars that last a long time.

Which Japanese car brand can you trust the most?

Reliability is oftentimes a synonym with Toyota. It is the most trusted Japanese car brand. These cars are known for lasting a long time and performing well. They frequently maintain their commitment to quality and reliability.

Which Japanese cars stay on the road the longest?

Toyota, Honda, and Subaru are known for making cars that last a long time. Throughout their history, these brands have shown exceptional reliability. They have also retained their value well. This often contributes to their reputation for longevity.


The Japanese car brands mentioned here are known for making cars that last a long time. If you want a car that won't break down easily, these brands are worth considering. While not all brands are ranked the highest in reliability surveys, if your desired car is on this list, you can buy it confidently. Every brand has its own features and issues, but when it comes to reliability, these Japanese brands are among the best you can buy. We hope this blog has covered your preferences and made you feel confident about your car buying choice.

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