Nissan X-Trail A True Blue Family SUV

Nissan has created many benchmarks in high performance vehicles. These cars are known for their super smooth engines and sophisticated looks. The X-Trail is a shining example of how a feature-packed SUV can reinvent this segment with its premium looks and ample space for the entire family to have a comfortable road journey.

The first generation of Nissan X-Trail was launched in Japan in 2000, the second generation in 2007 and the third generation in 2013.

Check out our review of this SUV available in 5-seater and 7-seater variants.

Interiors of the massive Nissan X-Trail

Nissan X-Trail will have the premium quality that is offered by Nissan in all their cars. Nissan X-Trails offers the users a 5-inch LCD touchscreen display. It also supports AUX, Bluetooth, FM, AM, and USB ports to access mobile. The CD changer is the primary eye-catching item, and the player supports CD, DVD, and MP3 playing.

There are 4-8 speakers that can give the users a fun experience with family and friends. At the front, there are 2 cup holders and are placed around the middle console. At the rear, near the armrest, there are 2 cup holders as well. These cup holders also provide the option of heating and cooling. There are guide lights and also lights at the front and the rear for ease of access.

Makeup mirrors are available at both driver's and passengers' sides. There are a center display digital clock and a clock at the instrument cluster. The steering wheel has all the advanced functions such as media controls, cruise control, and menu navigation. The steering is powered, and a rack and pinion mechanism is used. Total boot space in Nissan X-Trail is 410 litters.

Exteriors of the stunning Nissan X-Trail

The exterior look of the Nissan X-trail is nothing less than that of a muscular and bold look. This is one of the best aerodynamically, perfectly designed SUVs. The engineers have made it a point to reduce the drag coefficient as much as possible. The signature Nissan V-girl is presently making it look stylish as well as rugged.

The chassis structure is that of an SUV. The construction type of the chassis is unibody. There are 4 doors, and the doors are all of the conventional types. The side mirrors are of the conventional type, with having an option of both electrical and manual. The mirrors also have a turn signal. Nissan X-Trail has both wipers, i.e., at front and rear, with the rear having windscreen wipers as well.

The windows are all power windows and also have heated front and rear windows. Panoramic or Tilt and slide is an option available for the sunroof. The antenna is roof-integrated and has mud flaps at the front and rear. The length of the car is 4.45 - 4.71 m, breath is 1.83 m and the height is 1.675 - 1.785 m.

The headlights and the daytime running lights are either halogen lights or LED lights. Fog lights are present in the rear as well. The headlights can be adjusted according to the driver and the needs of the drive.

Engine performance of the might Nissan X-Trail

Nissan X-Trail is going to be launched as a hybrid automobile. The 2.0 petrol engine will generate a torque of 200Nm, with the electrical motor generating an output of 179 Bhp. Nissan X-trail will have an electric wheel drive system of Nissan.


The Automobile will have a seven-speed automatic transmission. This transmission will also support the manual transmission mode. It will have 4 cylinders and 4 valves per cylinder, giving it a maximum torque of 1750 - 4800 Nm. It is expected to have a mileage of 20-21 km/pl with the hybrid model.

Nissan X-Trail will be an ideal SUV for city driving and will be an optimum choice for highway and off-roading. The car will have options for two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The steering and the handling is excellent compared to other vehicles in this segment. At top speed, the vehicle does not feel like anything but comfortable.

Nissan X-Trail overall verdict

Nissan X-Trail has proven to be a luxurious car and is a tough competition to other SUV models from different manufacturers. With so many advanced features such as an anti-lock braking system, dual impact front airbags, child lock at the rear, anti-theft system, there will be significantly less competition for Nissan X-Trail at this price range.

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