Top 10 Most Reliable Lexus Cars Ever Built

Lexus stands out with the utmost class and prestige across the list of leading luxury car makers. Also, its main models gained a reputation for their speed and reliability. Over several years, the company has manufactured models that match time perfectly and have become a sign of reliance.

If you own a Lexus, dependability should be noticed. Therefore, to give you a proper insight into this car brand, we have combined a list of the 10 most reliable Lexus models that have ever been manufactured.

This is the list of vehicles from categories, for example, sedans and SUVs, which are proven and solid. If you are a Lexus addict or going to purchase a Lexus, you have come to the ideal place. So, read on and sort out which Lexus vehicle suits you the best.

What defines Lexus as a Trustworthy Brand?

The first year of Lexus's entrance into the car market in 1989 marked the start of its fame for its reliable cars. They take pride in their high-quality engineering. Lexus cars are dependable because they are made by Toyota, another company known for its quality.

Both of these Japanese car companies believe in the idea of "monozukiri," which means making of things. Lexus sticks to this motto to ensure that everything they make is done with great care and a clear vision.

Lexus is also doing great in replacing parts. They have many spare parts available in the US, which, in addition to keeping the service and repair costs to the Lexus owners, are low. On average, Lexus owners pay around $551 in general repair and maintenance bills, which is impressive for a luxury car maker.

Criteria for Selection

Here, we'll discuss the various Lexus car models and how to make the best choice for you. Lexus has hybrid vehicle models that offer comfort and great fuel savings. But, it is difficult to decide which product matches you since thousands of models exist. So, let's explore the factors you should consider when selecting a Lexus car.

1. Figure out what you require and desire

Consider what you require and desire in a car, like its size, how it performs, how comfortable, how safe, and what technology it has.

For instance,

  • Are you looking for comfort on long trips or excitement on short drives?
  • Do safety and technology matter to you in a car?

Write down your needs and wants, and decide which are most important.

2. Check out the variety of Lexus cars

If you visit Lexus’s website or head to a Lexus showroom, you can see the different types of Lexus cars and what they provide. You can weigh models and go through reviews from others. Lexus covers all kinds of lifestyles, from family SUVs to luxury sedans. Lexus cars come with great features like quality materials and good service.

3. Go for a test drive

See how Lexus cars are unique by going on a free test drive in which you can choose your favorite model. A test ride can be scheduled online or at a Lexus dealership. Witness the majesty and aura of the Lexus car. Find out how it behaves on the horizon and if it fits your needs. A test drive could save you a lot of money. You can determine if that car is the perfect choice for you or not.

4. Consult with a Lexus expert

Take some time with a certified Lexus associate to find out what kind of car best fits your needs and lifestyle. You can inquire from them and learn how to pay for your car and its warranty. The Lexus expert can also help you personalize your car to match your style and what you want. You can choose from countless colors and extra service specifications so your car can be one-of-a-kind.

Top 10 Most Dependable Lexus Models

Although Lexus is a dependable brand, their lineup has excellent and bad models. Now, let's determine which ten Lexus vehicles are the most durable.

1. Lexus GX 460

Lexus GX 460

Most Lexus models share their basic design with Toyota models, and the GX 460 is based on the same platform as the 4Runner. In this context, they come with both strong sides and weak points inherited from their Toyota cousins. When the GX 460 was tested in 2021, it found its off-road abilities impressive, thanks to its solid body construction that gives it a rugged feel you don't often find in luxury SUVs today.

The GX is also known for being trustworthy. Its parts and systems have been proven over time, even if they're not the most powerful or fuel-efficient. This reliability means the GX can continue for many years without major repairs. Some owners have put over 300,000 miles on their second-generation GXs, and hitting 200,000 miles is quite common without significant issues.

Compared to some luxury SUVs from Germany, such as Audi’s Q7 or BMW’s X5, which may need proper repairs, the GX outshines among the vehicles that can easily travel miles and resume normal operations.

Lexus GX 460 Specification

  • Seating Capacity - 7
  • Transmission Type - Automatic
  • Body Type - SUV
  • Fuel Capacity - 87 Litres
  • No. of doors - 5
  • Alloy Size - 18 Inch
  • Tyre Type - Tubeless. Radial


2. Lexus ES 300h

Lexus ES 300h

The ES Lexus is from among the early models of Lexus, a mid-range choice, and sits beneath the prestigious LS series. It doesn't match up to German cars in terms of how it handles or its performance, even in the F Sport Handling version. One reviewer described its driving as smooth but could have been more powerful.

However, the ES is still very comfortable and has many luxury features. Recent technological updates have brought it closer to competing models from other brands.

While the ES 300h may not handle as well as some others, it excels in reliability. Owners report being able to drive over 200,000 miles with just basic maintenance and few repairs, and some have even gone farther.


3. Lexus LX 470

Lexus LX 470

This car is an upgraded edition of the Toyota Land Cruiser. It is the most reliable Lexus because of its great reliability. Like any old car, its longevity depends on how well the owner cares for it. It can easily last hundreds of miles without problems if maintained properly.

Many people customize it for off-road adventures due to its great performance on various terrains. Even on long highway drives, it remains comfy and trustworthy.

However, owning an LX 470 has its drawbacks. It's slower than newer SUVs and doesn't get good gas mileage. Despite these, most owners are okay with these tradeoffs for a reliable 4x4. As they're famous, know about the ones that appear to be surprisingly modest, as they might have been dismissed, or they might have hidden issues that could be expensive.

4. Lexus LS 400

Lexus LS 400

This car significantly impacted the company's success. It established the tone for its excellent reputation for execution. Auto writer Matt Farah drove one for a million miles, and many other owners have seen theirs go for hundreds of thousands of miles with only basic upkeep needed.The 4.0L V8 engine was what put the LS 400 at the forefront of reliability, and is regarded by many as one of the stoutest engines ever built.

5. Lexus IS 300

Lexus IS 300

The first generation of Lexus IS was intended to go against the best-selling 3-Series of BMW. It did well in offering sporty handling and a reasonable price. However, what makes it special is also how long it stays. Drivers recognize that these vehicles can cruise over 400,000 miles and remain extraordinary running machines even at 200,000 to 300,000 miles.

The most severe issue that can happen when you buy a pre-owned vehicle with a high mileage like an IS 300 is that past owners could have been careless in keeping up with the vehicle's legitimate condition. Like the older 3 Series, some IS 300s were used hard and are now being sold cheaply. But it would be a good buy if you could find one cared for better.

6. Lexus LC

Lexus LC

The priciest and most reliable Lexus car has a tough job ahead. This Japanese coupe is up against strong competitors like the Porsche 911 and the BMW 8-series, known for their performance and abilities.

Similar to the smaller RC, the more expensive and lavish Lexus LC is made for long-distance trips and cruising on scenic roads. But not everyone prefers a car meant for racing tracks over city streets.

Though the LC stands out with its special design and smooth driving at high speeds, the luxury model has faced a few trips back to the Lexus repair shop. The company has had to recall the LC a few times for small issues.

7. Lexus LS

Lexus LS

Since 1989, the Lexus LS has been the top car for the company, making Lexus a big name worldwide. Like its competitors, the LS offers great comfort, the latest tech, and a more classic design. But what sets it apart is its strong reputation for being reliable. Even though the LS didn't beat the Mercedes-Benz S-Class in driving feel, it has won praise from many reliability tests and owners for being tough. RepairPal says the LS costs an average of only $767 a year to fix, which is much lower than other luxury cars.

8. Lexus IS

Lexus IS

Right from the start, Lexus wanted to prove their compact sedan, the IS, was better than those from brands with long experience in making them. Like most Lexus cars, the IS did things its way. One unique thing about Lexus is its hybrid engine. In Europe, the hybrid models had lower emissions and costs but were still fun to drive. Even though the IS has other types of engines, they don't match up to the excitement of its competitors. Despite some issues with how the Lexus drives, it's incredibly reliable. In surveys by What Car?, the Lexus IS scored an impressive 97% for reliability. They found fewer than 12% of owners had problems in the first three years of owning one.

9. Lexus ES

Lexus ES

Since its inception in 1989, the Lexus ES has primarily been recognized as a highly dependable sedan that hardly loses market value and seldom breaks down. Model after model, throughout the following years, the Lexus ES performed better in every aspect than the competition. The latest version of the Lexus ES has an impressive reliability score of 84 out of 100 from J.D.Power, but the previous version was even better, with a remarkable score of 93. Lexus created the ES specifically for customers in North America, where it became trendy. The sixth generation, in particular, was a big hit in North America and Malaysia. People loved it for its incredible features and the option of a hybrid engine.

10. Lexus GX

Lexus GX

Like its larger counterpart, the Lexus LX, the Lexus GX was designed by starting with a strong, reliable base and adding luxury features like knee airbags and Adaptive Variable Suspension. These additions have significantly enhanced the SUV's performance on roads. These features make its use for long trips and daily use more comfortable even as the vehicle's ability to handle off-road conditions and reliability are sustained. J.D. Power has consistently ranked the Lexus GX in the upper segment of its dependability list among premium SUVs.

Is Lexus the most or least dependable car brand?

According to various studies, Lexus ranks one of the most reliable mainstream car makers. Over the years, Lexus consistently earns top scores in reliability and dependability surveys. It often shares the top spot with Porsche in these rankings. Unlike the Porsches, which are not frequently driven, the Lexus vehicles are intended for daily driving and can cover significant distances without difficulties. Therefore, Lexus stands out as a popular choice, and it is known for its reliability and broad reach in the car market.

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To conclude

Lexus has been crafting cars with a luxurious feel, but you can’t beat them for reliability. They are known to produce the most reliable Lexus sedans and SUVs that last long and deliver what is expected. These 10 most dependable Lexus models show their excellence and what deserves money. Since you are looking for a reliable luxury car, Lexus should be your pick.

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