Confused Between Manual and Automatic Shift Cars

Vehicles come with either manual or automatic transmission. The word “automatic” may feel like more latest and something to opt for but, many Hollywood movies have given us a glimpse of how changing gear can result in an adrenaline rush. No wonder there is a separate fan base for the gear stick enabled cars.

But all this does result in one significant query – “which type of vehicle should I prefer? 

Well, let us tell you, you aren’t the only one who has to face such a dilemma. Almost every car enthusiast goes through this situation. 

So, here is our blog that offers information on the difference along with the pros and cons of both vehicle types. Let’s begin!


Difference between automatic and manual vehicle

  • With a manual vehicle, you get a gear system that needs to be operated and managed by you, meaning you will require moving the gear stick and controlling the clutch pedal. But in the used automatic Japanese cars, the gear is shifted automatically based on the vehicle’s speed.
  • The manual vehicle offers high mileage, while automatic offers slightly lower mileage.
  • It is believed that automatic vehicle offers lower mileage then manuals.
  • Manual vehicles are equipped with 5 to 6 gears along with reverse gears, while automatic vehicles have six to eight gears.
  • Manual vehicles have a lot to offer, right from comfort, convenience to safety, resulting in a higher price tag than manual vehicles.
  • The automatic vehicle houses a torque converter that helps with an automatic transmission, while the manual vehicle offers superior performance when it comes to acceleration. 

Pros of Manual Vehicle

  • Manual vehicles are cheaper to maintain as they have a less complex design.
  • They offer great controls as you are the one who operates the gearbox.
  • The manual vehicles transfer power from your engine to your wheels, allowing you to drive faster. 
  • They are fuel-efficient vehicles. 

Cons of Manual vehicle

  • Constant usage of the clutch can be tiresome.
  • Requires extensive training and can be daunting to drive in stop-and-go traffic. 
  • The manual vehicle has a lower resale value. 
  • It can be unsafe as you will need to look at various factors like changing gears, pedals, using the wheel, etc. 

Pros of Automatic Vehicle

  • The Japanese automatic used cars for sale offer a smoother ride as you don’t require changing gears. The automatic gear offers seamless transition. 
  • These vehicles are easy to ride as they are simple to operate without the need for controlling the clutch all the times. 
  • An automatic vehicle can prove a blessing during rush hour traffic as you won’t need to pump the clutch pedal every now and then. 

Cons of Automatic Vehicle

  • Automatic vehicles fall on the high-price range, but they are worth every penny invested. 
  • If you want fun out of driving, then automatic vehicles may not prove the best option as there is no need for controlling the clutch or pushing the pedals every few minutes. 
  • People switching from manual to automatic may find it hard to use these vehicles. But with little determination and proper training, you are good to operate automatic vehicles seamlessly. 

Over to you

What type of used car for sale you wish to opt for is totally subjective to your preference. If you want to control your vehicle and use gears to compute the performance of your vehicle, then the manual is for you. But, if you like comfort, convenience, and safety, then go for an automatic vehicle. 




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