Know How To Buy A Japanese Used Car In Kenya

Kenya buys a massive number of used vehicles from Japan every year. It is because Kenya comprises a significant portion of the commercial, economic and logistic sectors of East Africa. The rising affluence means that people are looking for reliable sources of cars. And this is why Japanese second-hand cars are so widely sought after in Kenya.

A comprehensive guide

So, given below is a comprehensive guide about the Japanese used cars for sale in Kenya. To do this successfully, adhere to some of the following steps.

Find a car exporter:

Your purchase of a used car from Japan while being in Kenya commences by finding an apt Japanese car exporter. So, start looking for relevant Japanese used car dealers online. In this context, an in-depth session of research would be required indispensably. When you begin searching for a company, you will come across a plethora of options. But, choose the one which you find the most reliable. Hence, ascertain their business license number, the validity of address and contact information, etc.

Specify your requirements:

After you have found the right dealer, it’s time for you to choose a relevant brand of your used vehicle. You also have to finalize the model and manufacturing year of your car. Subsequently, specify these criteria to your Japanese used car dealer. However, your vehicle shouldn’t be more than eight years old, or else Kenya won’t accept it. And this instruction is laid out by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).

Meet all the formalities:

There will be a couple of formalities that you need to meet to authenticate the order of your car. Some of these formalities include:

  • Sending your PO: This requires you to send a valid Purchase Order to your Japanese used car exporter. Your vehicle exporter will send you the proforma invoice. That will include all the details of your car.
  • Reception of your Motor Sale Agreement: Motor Sale Agreement is the concluding invoice containing all the terms and conditions related to your vehicle purchase.
  • Sending your transfer form: This requires you to scan and send your transfer form to your seller. According to statistics, the used cars in Japan exported to Kenya comprises 80% of Kenya’s vehicles.

Specify shipping address

The remaining few steps are indeed quite easy. Next, you have to ascertain your shipping address to get the bill of lading. Now send across all the clearing services to your Japanese used car company. Subsequently, your Japanese used car seller will send you the tax report.

Understand the tax report

This document will specify the terms and conditions which both the parties should abide by. These include levying of 25% of import tax comprising the CIF value of your car. Besides, they include levying particular VAT, excise, and IDF taxes as well. Finally, you will have to pay the delivery charges to your hired agent of Kenya. Also, specify the place to your Japanese used car exporter where you want your car to be delivered. So, if you are planning used cars for sale in japan for export to Kenya, these are some of the aspects you need to keep in mind. If the formalities and paperwork seem too time-intensive, then you can seek the assistance of a capable expert like Bizupon. Our Kenya office is located in Nairobi. and also are a member of Japanese Used Motor Vehicle Exporting Association (JUMVEA) and have a decent experience of exporting used cars from Japan. Our extensive services include everything from market research to signing the deal and final documentation. To know more about us- click here.

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