How much does it cost to lift a truck?

For so many truck owners a lifted suspension is a symbol of style. And for a few it is about capability. It helps you get ground clearance for your off-road adventures. You can create a more imposing and aggressive stance. There are many benefits of lifting a truck.

But before you start thinking about lift kits, you must think about the associated costs. Lifting your truck can come at a staggering price. There are several factors involved here. Your truck model and size both directly and indirectly affect the overall number.

Need help understanding it? Do not worry we are here. In this article we will be shedding light on this matter. We will talk about the entire process and how to go about it. You can estimate how much does it cost to lift a truck by the end of it.

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Why do people lift their trucks?

There are several reasons why you can opt for this. They are both aesthetic and practical. Here are a few-

1. Increased ground clearance

To obtain greater ground clearance, a truck is primarily lifted. This enables the truck to climb over obstacles and cross rough terrain. Additionally, you can prevent scraping the undercarriage on uneven surfaces like logs or rocks. For off-road enthusiasts who drive their trucks on trails, this is essential. Also, for those who take them through mud or over rocks.

2. Improved approach

The approach and departure angles of a truck can be improved by lifting it. The greatest incline a truck can reach before its front or rear bumpers scrape the ground is indicated by these angles. A greater lift translates to better approach and departure angles. It allows the truck to tackle steeper inclines and declines without getting stuck.

3. Larger tires

Drivers can replace their stock tires with larger, off-road-ready treads on a lifted truck. All thanks to its increased ride height and ground clearance. For any off-road excursion, larger and all-terrain tires are essential.

On challenging dirt roads, they can provide drivers with more traction and control. In addition, the groove pattern on these all-terrain tires is more aggressive than that of their stock siblings. In snow and other difficult driving conditions, it improves driver performance.

4. Better view

The view from behind the wheel of an elevated truck is unmatched. Body lift kits can provide a lift of two to five inches. A suspension lift kit raises drivers' height by up to nine inches. You will be able to see everything on the road from both of them.

When it comes to spotting approaching road hazards and other vehicles, this can really make a difference. It can raise your level of confidence and safety when driving. Additionally, you will stick out more on the road. This will facilitate your visibility to other motorists and pedestrians and help prevent any possible collisions.

5. Aggressive stance

Finally, a lifted truck has a cool appearance. The imposing silhouette of a lifted truck is undeniable. Although it may not be the top priority for truck owners, it is still a nice bonus. There is just something enjoyable about driving a mini monster truck that is hard to resist. Lifted trucks with larger tires create a more imposing visual presence. This appeals to many truck owners who appreciate the rugged and powerful look it conveys.

6. Resale value

There is a small disclaimer on this one. Although a lift kit will make your truck more desirable to some consumers, it may reduce its marketability overall. Not every pickup driver wants a beastly lifted vehicle with eight inches more ground clearance than the standard model.

Some people just need a low-maintenance and dependable daily driver. Nevertheless, a quality lift kit can undoubtedly improve a truck's perceived value among certain consumers. This is particularly true for those seeking an off-road vehicle that has already undergone the expensive and time-consuming lift procedure.

Selling an elevated car is all about getting it in front of the right people. Do you want to sell your truck quickly? Do you wish to do it for the most money? Then consider listing it on off-road publications or social media marketplace groups.

7. Utility purposes

Accessing some of those challenging-to-reach areas of your car's undercarriage will be simpler than ever. All thanks to the extra clearance a lift kit provides. Are you a serious off-roaders who might want to inspect their vehicle for possible damage following an especially bumpy ride? Then this is especially helpful.

Additionally, it eliminates the need for jack stands and a vehicle jack to get underneath the car. This can make spot repairs and maintenance simpler than before.

But how to choose the right toolkit?

You will need two main tools to successfully perform the lift: the lift kit and the levelling kit. Each one has its own special features.

1. Levelling kits

These help trucks with problems and imbalances by restoring balance. And this is something that both truck drivers and enthusiasts use. Heavy equipment that has been loaded into the truck somewhere often causes these imbalances. Levelling kits are useful for addressing this kind of unevenness. But only if the necessary height is two inches or less. A lift kit is the appropriate solution if more than two inches of lift is required.

2. Lift kits

There are two varieties of these kits based on the number of inches that they can raise a truck. One kind is the little lift kits that raise trucks two to five inches higher. Larger kits that raise trucks by at least six inches are found in the other varieties.

Suspension Lift vs. body lift

Truck enthusiasts should also take into account the choice between a suspension and a body lift kit. Body lift kits can elevate the truck without compromising its integrity. This makes them a great option for those looking to install larger tires. It can be done without changing the truck's fundamental design.

Contrastingly suspension lift kits raise the height of the truck. But also impact its basic structure. This is why it tends to be pricier than body lift kits.

What is the cost of it?

As was already mentioned, the price of the kit depends on the type you select. To lift a truck, there are two primary kits available. However, because they differ in terms of size and function, their prices range greatly. Lift kits typically cost more than levelling kits. This is due to their ability to raise every component of the car.

  1. Lower-scale lift kits typically range in price from $400 to $12,000. They can raise a truck two to five inches.
  2. Higher-scale lift kits typically cost between $10,000 and $15,000. They can raise a truck by six inches or more.
  3. Typical prices for standard levelling kits fall between $200 and $1,000.

What approach should you pick?

The process of installation also adds an additional cost. But there are two things that you can do. One being the do it yourself approach. And the other one is to hire an expert. What should you do?

1. Do it yourself

Before you start the process, yourself you should know it is not easy. You can only do it if you have knowledge and expertise in it. You should only try to install the lift kit if you are familiar with the procedure. You need to be aptly skilled to perform it.

But if you are not then hire someone for it. This will be the best option to ensure safety and proper installation. Initially installing a lift kit might come across as a simple task. But a single error can turn the whole project upside down. It can lead to a faulty build and unsafe. It might be prone to malfunction too.

As a result, you might end up paying more. This is especially the case when compared to having a kit professionally installed. But if you have past experience in installing kits then this is not applicable to you.

After installation, it is still recommended that you take your truck to a qualified mechanic to make sure everything is done correctly. A qualified technician can verify that your installation is safe to use and correctly installed.

2. Pick a service provider

The installation of a lift kit can present challenges for even the most experienced auto mechanic. As a result, having your chosen equipment installed by a professional is always a good idea. The installation process will go more smoothly if you hire an expert.

Also, you will feel more at ease knowing that a qualified professional is managing what is frequently a difficult procedure. You will not have to stress over performing an installation incorrectly, which could be costly.

Employing an expert will surely cost you a little more than doing the installation yourself. The cost of installation is determined by the truck model, additional work and the kits.

Installing a kit typically costs the same as purchasing the kit itself. At times, though, a little bit more. For instance, the cost of installation for a $150 levelling kit should be about $150. Installing a $2000 body lift kit is equivalent. However, the implied cost increases with the extent of the kits.

Which of these two approaches is right for you? It will mostly depend on how knowledgeable you are about trucks and lift kits.

How can I pick an expert to lift my truck?

For a safe and attractive result, selecting the appropriate professional to lift your truck is essential. While looking for a qualified installer, keep the following important factors in mind-

1. Experience and Reputation

Specialization in Truck Lifts

You need to look for shops with a proven track record of lifting trucks. Ideally, they should specialize in truck modifications. They should have experience working with your specific truck make and model.

1.2 Certifications

It is important to check if the shop's technicians have certifications from reputable organizations. This indicates their knowledge and expertise in suspension systems and truck modifications.

1.3 Online Reviews

It is advisable to peruse internet reviews and seek advice from other truck enthusiasts. Seek out stores that have received consistently good reviews for their customer service and lift kit installations.

2. Expertise in Lift Kits

2.1 Knowledge

The shop should demonstrate a strong understanding of the various lift kit types. They must know their pros and cons. They should be able to guide you toward the best option based on your truck and driving needs. It should also fit your budget.

2.2 Familiarity with Varieties

You must look for shops that carry reputable lift kit brands known for quality and performance. They should be able to advise you on the best brands for your specific truck and application.

2.3 Experience with Aftermarket Parts

Lifting a truck often involves additional components like shocks, control arms and brake lines. The shop should have experience installing these parts. This is to ensure proper compatibility with your lift kit.

3. Communication

3.1 Clear Explanations

A good shop will take the time to explain the different lift kit options and installation process. They will also let you know about the potential costs in detail. They should be able to answer your questions clearly. Also address any concerns you might have.

3.2 Written Estimates

Before committing to any work, always get a written estimate. It should have details like the lift kit, labour costs and any additional parts required. This ensures transparency. You can avoid any surprises down the line.

3.3 Guarantee Information

You should make sure to check the warranties offered by trustworthy shops. It should be both for the lift kit parts and labour. It is important to fully understand the warranty terms and coverage before moving forward.

4. Additional Considerations

4.1 Shop Facilities

The shop should ideally have a tidy workspace that is furnished with all the tools required. They must have lifts to handle truck modifications safely and efficiently.

4.2 Customer Service

You need to pay attention to how the shop treats you during your initial inquiries. A friendly and professional demeanour is a good indicator of their overall customer service approach.

You can improve your chances of finding a skilled professional to lift your truck by paying attention to these pointers. Recall that a good shop will put your needs and safety first. This is to ensure that you receive a superior lift that fulfils your requirements.

Adding it all up to know how much does it cost to lift a truck?

Below is the approximate cost of lifting a truck using the kits mentioned earlier:

  • The cost of purchasing and installing a levelling kit on your own could range
  • from $400 to $2000. The cost of working with a professional can range from eight hundred dollars to more.
  • If you do it yourself, the cost of purchasing and installing a lift kit could range from $400 to $4000. When completed by a professional, the cost can vary between eight hundred dollars and twelve thousand dollars.

Final Verdict - How Much Does it Cost to Lift a Truck?

The process of lifting a truck involves many steps. You have to pay more than just the kit's price. You need to properly install it yourself. Or you would have to hire an expert to do this. This is also a cost you should know. But to truly determine how much does it cost to lift a truck? You need to ask the installer questions and get more knowledge from them.

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