Honda Vezel

Honda's Vezel seeks to redefine the premium hatchback segment. It is deemed as a worthy successor to the successful Honda Jazz. The model was launched in Japan on 20 December 2013. Coming from the Honda stable, one can expect world class performance paired to a sharp dynamic look. Let's explore further.

Honda Vezel Interiors

The interiors of the Honda Vezel look precisely like an automobile from the future. The instrument cluster is fully digital and is inspired by Honda Jazz and Honda CR-V. The cabin of Honda Vezel is very spacious and luxurious. It has a very premium finish. To enjoy the car ride with friends and family, options of connecting via Bluetooth, AUX, and HDMI are also present. There are a total of 6 speakers and also have the option of climate control. There are makeup mirrors at passenger's and drivers' sides for a quick fix, with makeup light. The steering wheel is equipped with media control buttons, cruise control, and menu navigation buttons. The steering wheel is adjustable and has three spokes. The steering wheel makes use of a rack and pinion mechanism and is available in black colour. There are five seats with armrests in the middle. Without laying down the seats, Honda Vezel has a boot space of 448 litters. Once the rear seats are laid down additional 30-40 litters of space will be available.

Exteriors of Honda Vezel

Honda Vezel shares a close resemblance with Jazz Hatchback. It is a compact and stylish SUV of its own. Honda Vezel gets the crossover appearance by having sloppy lines along the C pillar. It is the sharp exterior curves that make it look more like an SUV. The length of the car is 4.295 - 4.34 m, breadth is 1.605 m and the width is 1.7 m. The Chassis of Honda Vezel is the Chassis of the Station Wagon, and the construction of the Chassis is unibody. It has 5 doors, and the side mirrors are electrical and are folded from the inside. The car is equipped with both front and rear windscreen wipers. The rear windscreen wiper also has a rear washer system. At the top, Vezel has a shark fin antenna. The windows are electrical power windows, and the windows are also heated. The front headlights are halogen lights, and the rear lights are LED lights. Daytime running LED lights are also present, giving it a very luxurious feel from the front. Front fog lamps are halogen, and an LED option is also available. The back fog lamps are LED lights.

Engine Performance of new Honda Vezel

Two variants of Honda Vezel are launched. The 1.5L petrol engine that can generate a peak power of 132bhp - 172 bhp and torque of 155Nm. The one thing that grabs the attention is that all new Honda Vezel will also have a two-wheel-drive option. The option for two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive gives users a better choice of getting a car that can also be used as an off-road vehicle. The power delivery is so flawless that a driver need not shift gear down more often for smooth driving. The gearbox of Honda cars have always been so classy that the clutch is so light it can easily stop and go in traffic. There is no problem driving the car at triple digits speed as the steering and the ride feels very connected. Due to its consistent power delivery, the driver feels comfortable pushing the vehicle to its maximum without hesitation. The suspension of Vezel is rigid but does not hamper the driving conditions. This stiffness is beneficial while driving through potholes. Only the large potholes are felt inside, and the rest don't even really feel.

Overall Verdict of Honda Vezel

Honda Vezel is being launched in a highly competitive environment, and since Vezel is spacious and luxurious, there is no denying that the car will be a favourite among people soon. The car will have tailbacks for safety, rear camera, and parking, along with a child safety lock that makes it truly an SUV to buy. There is ample room in the boot, making it a family-friendly vehicle. The car will also be equipped with excellent soundproofing substances making it an ideal choice. Honda Vezel is not just safe and comfortable but is also very luxurious. Do you want a pre-owned Honda Vezel to grace your household? Then connect with us. Bizupon can help you get your hands on quality pre-owned cars direct from Japan. We not only arrange of the paperwork but also look after shipping it from Japan to your home country port.

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