Checklist for Buying a Pre-Owned Car From Japanese Exporters

There is one thing that sets apart Japanese car brands like Honda and Toyota from others. It is the reliable power that is backed by exceptional performance. It is not surprising that pre-owned Japanese cars are a hit with customers from all across the globe.

It would help if you exercised ample due diligence when buying a second-hand car from Japan. The problem amplifies when you are situated in a different country with no way to check the car’s condition physically. There are many essential elements to look at when purchasing a used car.

Here are a few vital considerations to keep in mind:

1) Check the car’s history:

When you purchase a used car, you must get plenty of information about the vehicle from the Japanese exporter or seller. Once you receive all the information, then you can conduct your research. You can check the “Vehicle Identification Number” or VIN to see whether the vehicle encountered any accident if there is any recall on the car or any charges.

2) Look for any type of frame issues:

You need to confirm that the dealer is conducting a walk around of the used car. They have to check if there are any issues with the frame and the bumpers. They can check the vehicle’s sitting level if anything is dangling on the under-carriage

3) Inspect vehicle’s insurance properly:

When you are in a different country, then you need a representative to check the insurance papers. This will indicate whether or not the car has experienced any type of accidents. Also, they should look at the chassis and the engine number to make sure it matches the number mentioned on the registration paper. In the case of vehicle export, get a reliable agency like Bizupon to do a rigorous QC check on the car.

4) All supporting documents need to be in order:

There are many documents needed when you plan to export the car direct from Japan. These include:

  • The bill of lading
  • Commercial invoice
  • Certificate of origin
  • JAAI inspection certificate
  • Car deregistration certificate
  • Export certificate or certificate of deregistration

Additionally, you need to prepare extensive paperwork at both ends – the Japanese port from where the cars will depart and the nearest port in your home country.

It is clear that as a customer located far away from Japan, arranging for these will prove to be a time consuming and costly effort. Plus, if you don’t have the network, you may have to wait endlessly to get all documents in order. Hence it is best to arrange for the paperwork through a dependable car dealer with extensive experience in the Japanese second-hand car export market.

5) Be sure to check the tire conditions:

The agent needs to inspect the tire tread regardless of whether they are worn equally. Remember, all four of the wheel treads should match perfectly. When some of the tires of the vehicle have an irregular impression, then the car is poorly regulated. Cars with such problems will pull to the left and then to the right when you drive it. Hence it is better to examine the treads before signing on the purchase contracts

6) Take a look at the mileage:

An average vehicle can run up to 20,000-kilometers per year. If you want to know if the car you are purchasing has low or high mileage, there is a simple trick. The agent in Japan needs to divide the number on the odometer with the vehicle’s age. Cars that are said to have high mileage will provide more wear and tear on all the mechanical segments.

7) Conduct a proper mechanical inspection:

The agent must bring a trusted mechanic to inspect the vehicle. The mechanic is a professional individual who will discover if the car has any type of problems or areas that might become a big issue in the future. Although the investigation service is not a free one, it will stop you from purchasing a lemon car.

Bizupon – A name you can trust

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