Your Guide to Improving the Mileage of Your Vehicle

Owning a vehicle in this fast-paced life has become a necessity. As soon as an individual reaches legal age, he/she proceeds to buy a used car or a brand new one to make the daily life hassle-free. 

However, the biggest concern one has after owning a vehicle is keeping up with the fuel cost. In recent years, fuel prices have risen exponentially. And surviving such inflation while maintaining a hassle-free life can be a challenging process. 

While we understand people have a choice of buying an electric vehicle, there are individuals who just love the revving sound made by engines. If you are one of those individuals, you may want to stick with your good old fuel-powered vehicle. 

Thankfully, there are ways to boost a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. And this blog, will we unveil those tricks and tips –


1- Maintain the Pressure 

It is important that you buy a used car that has optimum tire pressure or fix the issue before you take your vehicle on the ride. This is because reduced tire pressure increases the contact between the road and the tire, resulting in higher fuel consumption. 


2- Be Kind to Your Vehicle 

If you particular own a used vehicle, avoid being a reckless driver. Instead, treat the vehicle parts respectfully, especially the accelerator and brake pedals. This is because sudden brakes and speedy acceleration only harm the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. 


3- Combine Your Trips

It may seem tempting to take your vehicle on the ride every now and then, but that only results in added fuel consumption. Instead, combine multiple trips into one. For instance, if you are going to the gym, make sure to run other errands while coming back. This not only saves travelling time but keeps the fuel efficiency high. 


4- Keep the Vehicle Shut

When the vehicle is on the move, the last thing you want to do is hinder the aerodynamics of the vehicle. 

When a vehicle is at high speed, even partly open windows can impact the fuel efficiency and result in a quickly drained tank. 


5- Shift It Up

If possible, shift to the highest gear possible without knocking the engine. This is because vehicles tend to consume more fuel in lower gear during acceleration. If there is an issue with the engine not pulling, try shifting down rather than hitting the throttle. 

At 2,000 pm, you can get the best combination of speed and economy. And in an automatic vehicle that has a manual shift, keep it short to save fuel.


6- Keep the Vehicle Light

Keep the Vehicle Light

The heavier your vehicle is, the more fuel it will consume. 

So, if possible, keep your vehicle light. Get rid of child safety gears if they are no longer in use. Clean all the possible garbage that you might be lugging around. Also, ensure to keep the boot empty.


7- Turn Off the Engine When Idle

If your vehicle is sitting idle, it is best you kill the engine of the vehicle you purchase through a car for sale in KenyaOr else, you are just wasting 0 Km/l while idle. 


8- Cleanliness is key

Before your drive your vehicle purchased through a car for sale in Kenya, it is important to check the filters. If they are clogged, you might need to clean or replace them before hitting the gas. Also, make a habit of cleaning the filters regularly to keep the fuel consumption minimal.

9- Plan Your Driving Schedule

It is always best to determine your schedule for the day before setting off. Perhaps you can leave for work early to avoid rush hours. This is because traffic and congestion on the road can impact fuel consumption. 


10- Walk, maybe

The last thing you can do to keep the fuel consumption at low or zero is to walk, especially to places nearby. This way, you can burn a few calories and keep the fuel maintained in the vehicle, too.


Signing off

People prefer buying a used car for sale In Kenya to save a few bucks. However, the constant shift in fuel price does otherwise.

The above-mentioned tips may seem simple, but when followed on a regular basis, you will end up experiencing a significant drop in your vehicle’s fuel consumption. 

So, be wise and use our blog as a guide to making the most out of your vehicle. 


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