Why Keeping an Eye on The Car Dashboard Is Essential

Can I buy a used car for sale? What things do I have to keep in mind before purchasing one? We live in a symbol-rich environment, from store signage and traffic lights to dashboards and hand signals.

We frequently pick up on the significance of these symbols over time, but occasionally we need some assistance with the finer points. When all you want to do is get in your new car and go for a drive, it could seem like a chore to read through the user handbook.


What are the warning lights on your car dashboard?

The warning lights on your car's dashboard are there for a reason, though, and knowing what the symbols on your dashboard indicate could be the difference between a pleasant journey and a heart-breaking breakdown.

Be sure to refer to your owner's handbook because your dashboard can be different, and the symbols might have different patterns or denote slightly different things. Some of these lights can signal a serious issue.

Do not disregard them. When in doubt, have a pro to look it over.

Despite the modest variations among all vehicles, the majority have a similar set of dashboard icons and signals when you get a used car for sale.

These lights on the car dashboard are categorised by their hue.

  • Blue or green indicates that a feature is active
  • Yellow or orange warns drivers that a system needs to be checked soon
  • Red symbols alert drivers that something is seriously wrong.


Here are a few tips to assist you in monitoring your car's dashboard if something seems off.


1 – Brake Warning Light 

Brake Warning Light

If you are buying a used car for sale, know that before buying, check the brake warning signs. The dashboard warning could indicate a serious braking failure, such as an engaged parking brake. Release it, take your car to a service station as soon as possible, or get in touch with your dealer. It might be risky to keep driving. 


2 - Temperature Alert Light

Temperature Alert Light

The temperature warning sign is unique because it can change from red to blue. Red means that the engine temperature has reached an unsafe level. The coolant temperature is below the necessary level, as indicated by blue. Therefore, you should stop driving and turn off the engine right away.


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3 - Glow Plug Alert

Glow Plug Alert

If you have bought a used car for sale, know that these problems can occur only on diesel vehicles. It is one of the less well-known dashboard warning signals. These cars' engines rely on various mechanisms, including glow plugs, which control temperature and pressure. Glow plug issues can result in early/late combustions, which provide a rough engine sound and reduce fuel economy if not addressed.


4 - Seat Belt Warning

Seat Belt Warning

Making sure your seatbelt is securely fastened before you start your car may not seem like a "red" issue, but it might mean the difference between life and death. This sensor is present in almost all modern vehicles, and many additionally feature an audio warning. It makes no difference if you want to travel 10 metres or 100 kilometres. In certain circumstances, the music is so unbearable that following instructions is simpler.


Check your Dashboard Now!

To improve your driving experience and become a more educated driver, you must first comprehend your vehicle's dashboard. Hopefully, this post has helped you better comprehend some of the common dashboard warning indications.



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