When Should You Invest in Used or New Vehicle for Best Deals

Buying a vehicle for the very first time is exhilarating for every individual. But wait, don’t let these emotions take over. 

Purchasing a vehicle, whether used or new, is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make in your life. When emotions are in control, people tend to make irreparable mistakes. 

Hence, it is crucial that you clear your mind and spend some time researching the market. Shortlist a few vehicle models based on the budget you have set. And then further narrow down the list by comparing the specifications that benefit you the most. 

Wait, don’t just proceed to purchase yet!

We know you must be looking for ways to save on your investment in cars purchased from Japanese car exporters, right? In this blog, we will explore some of the best time of the year that allows you to save significantly on vehicle purchase. 


1- Month ends and weekends

Weekends and month-ends are crucial for sales representatives. They are typically looking for ways to make the most out of their week and month. 

In order to achieve their weekly or monthly sales target, the dealer may plan discounts and offers for their customers. 

Be wise enough and ensure to purchase from Japanese car exporters during such periods for an excellent deal on your next vehicle. 


2- Make the purchase in December, January or February

Similar to the end of the month and week saga, there are dealers who wish to earn more by the end of the year, too. This means they will come up with deals and discounts on a wide range of vehicles in their inventory to attract customers and make sales. 

Provide the sales rep with a good closing while making a profit on your investment in the car. 

Also, January and February are filled with many discounts – although not as significant as those in December. But you still stand a better chance of getting deals on your vehicle purchase.  


3- Wait for new number plates to be released

Did you know Japanese used car exporters dealers tend to offer better deals when new number plates are released? To avoid the inventory from getting stale and unlikely to be purchased, dealers tend to offer significant discounts on old number plates. 

Be sure to use such events to your benefit. 


4- Wait for the new vehicle model launch 

Are you worried that your limited budget may prevent you from purchasing your dream vehicle? Consider investing in it when a new vehicle model is launched. 

This is because every time there is a new vehicle model launched, the previous one gets depreciated a little bit. The more you wait, perhaps the better deal you might get. 


5- Invest in convertibles during winters 

Have you ever purchased an off-season product to save a few bucks? For instance, purchasing an AC unit during winter? Well, use the same trick when purchasing vehicles, too. for instance, is only ideal to be driven during the summer season. This leads to a huge spike in their rate during the summer season. 


For an excellent deal, consider purchasing your favourite convertible in winter from Japanese used car exporters dealersThe prices of convertibles are lower in winter, you are bound to save immensely on your purchase. 


6- Purchase during holidays and festivals

The last option to save on vehicle purchases is investing in it during the festival season. 

Since most dealers believe that festivals and holidays bring good earning opportunities, they tend to offer flat discounts and offers on a wide range of vehicle models in their inventory. 

Also, avoid pre-booking vehicles. Instead, wait for a month or two to obtain profitable discounts on the same vehicle model. 


Final thoughts

Deals and discounts are always on the mind of a buyer. After all, they are logical ways of saving big on things that cost a fortune. 

If you are considering investing in a used vehicle and are in between dealing with Japanese used car exporters dealers, ensure that you finalize the deal only during the days, months and events listed above. Not only will you stay under your budget, but you may gain vehicle choices you did not know were available in your budget. 





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