Ultimate Guide to Buying a Used Car Directly from Japan

Japanese cars hold the distention of being one of the most reliable cars for customers worldwide. As a result, they remain a strong favorite for customers, even in the pre-owned category. It is not surprising to see many customers getting in touch with a trustworthy dealership like Bizupon to source genuine quality cars. The dealership will take care of the car's quality checks to ascertain that they are indeed a good choice for you. They will take care of its paperwork and shipping so that they can export the car from Japan to your home country port.

Dealerships participate in car auctions to bid on your chosen car model on your behalf. Such a route is great for cost-conscious customers, who don't want to compromise on engine performance, looks, and safety in a second-hand car. These Japan auto auction halls see many new and used cars being auctioned to the highest bidder at attractive prices. Customers looking for cheap Japanese cars can look forward to the thousands of cars being sold at various auctions across Japan. 

What Are the Steps to Purchase A Car from An Auto Auction in Japan?

It is a matter of just five steps to successfully participate in an auction and get your hands on a high-quality Japanese exported used car at a fraction of the total cost. Before the process, though, you need to know which car will you focus on. Log on to a site like Bizupon and get a comprehensive listing of the different cars. Ensure that your country hasn't placed restrictions on importing the car model you have selected. 

Once you have chosen the favorite car you would bid on, then follow these five steps: 


1 – Pick an Auctioneer 

The company you choose to bid on your behalf needs to be registered with the auction house in order to participate in the bidding. The auctioneer needs to provide total support all the way to ensure that as a customer, you don't feel left out of the action during the option. Even small details like sharing the translated auction sheet with you counts.

2 – Security Deposit

The auctioneer needs to know that you are a serious customer. Hence you may need to put down an amount towards a security deposit. This way, the auctioneer can bid without any doubts at the back of his mind. The importer will send a Telegraphic Transfer (TT) deposit to confirm paying the security deposit before the auction. This step is essential as the auctioneer cannot bid if this is not done. Post the deposit, the auctioneer will locate the same car model at different auctions and participate in those auctions.

3 – Do the bidding

The point of contact will begin bidding on the target car on your behalf. He will put forward a bidding price to enable you to buy the car. Once the price is determined, the customer is expected to deposit the same into the auctioneer's account. This way, they can safely bid for the price and move the process ahead when they win the auction. 


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 4 – Post Bidding Action

Things may move fast once the auction is done. Upon winning the bid, the dealer will send the invoice to the customer, who will make payment for the same. The customer will deposit the balance amount plus the dealer's fee into the account details provided by the dealer. 

In case the bidding is unsuccessful, then the dealer will refund the security deposit to the customer. Alternatively, the customer can pick another model or variant to allow the dealer to bid on. 

5 – Car Shipping

Now that you are the proud owner of a car won at a Japanese vehicle auction, you need to arrange for getting it shipped from Japan to your home nation. The dealer will work on the necessary paperwork needed at both source and destination ports. These include the Bill of Lading, the Japanese export certificate, final invoice, and inspection certificate.


To sign off

Get the proven expertise of Bizupon to work in your favor. Utilize their phenomenal network and their association with leading car auction houses in Japan to get a quality pre-owned car for less. 


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