Toyota Vanguard Vs Toyota Rav4 Difference and Comparison

Are you looking for a Japanese used car for your family? Then a sports utility vehicle will be a good choice to consider. They have sturdy exteriors. The superior handling and high ground clearance make them a safe car.

Many brands produce SUVs. But no one does it better than Toyota. The Japanese brand has made a name for itself. This is due to the reliable nature of the cars made by the brand.

Two Toyota SUVs deserve a special mention in this post. They are Vanguard and RAV4. The Toyota Vanguard is a reliable vehicle. Its internal space can easily fit a family’s travel needs. 

Conversely, the RAV4 is a 1994 model crossover SUV. Young people who want the capability and power of SUVs but dislike their conventional design find it a great vehicle to ride.

Let us make a detailed comparison of these two cars.


[1] Engine 

Toyota Vanguard Engine Vs Toyota Rav4  Engine


The Toyota Vanguard has an engine capacity of 2400 to 3500cc. You can pick from two engine configurations. You can choose a 2.4L, in-line 4-cylinder engine. Alternatively, you can select a 3.5L, 6-cylinder V6 engine. The 4-cylinder model has variable transmission Hyper CVT-i. At the same time, the 6 cylinders are equipped with a 5-speed transmission Super ECT.

The Toyota RAV4 has a 2.5L in-line engine with a four-speed transmission. It has an engine capacity of 2400cc and a 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive system, which makes it perfect for your adventurous heart.

Considering the engine specifications, both models showcase good acceleration and capacity. So, if you want to buy used car in this category, the engine will be the least of your worries.


[2] Interior


Now that you have checked what’s under the hood, let us look at the car’s interiors. 

The concept of the Vanguard is an active and luxurious car. It is designed considering the pleasure of driving, multi-functionality, and multi-passenger use. There is enough room for people to sit comfortably. It also offers a decent amount of legroom and headroom in the pit. This can help avoid the cramped-up feeling during the journey.

On the other hand, the RAV4 is a car that optimises space carefully to provide better comfort and functionality. The dashboard is nicely furnished, and the door tops are skinned in stitched padding. This improves the touch and feel of the car. Despite being a compact SUV, it doesn’t shy away from big boot spaces.

While buying a Japanese used car like an SUV, make sure to check the finishing of the vehicle carefully.


[3] Exterior


The Vanguard features slim and robust headlights that curve around the sides of the vehicle. The fender and the bumper are extremely stable and robust. The hood has two lines combined with the fog lights, making it look bold and refined. The taillights are built with LED lights and clear lenses that ensure an excellent rear view.

Meanwhile, the RAV4 is an SUV that has an adventurous spirit. It has a sturdy and stylish design that is highly durable. The black grille, along with the Toyota logo, looks aesthetically pleasing. The RAV4 includes projector-type LED lights for the headlights and fog lights. This helps increase visibility, even in harsh weather.


[4] Safety Features


 When buying a car, safety comes first, and Toyota Used Car Exporter knows this; that is why the cars are built with the best safety measures.

The Vanguard safety features are great. It has an SRS airbag system and curtain airbags that will keep you safe in any case of an accident. There are 3-point seat belts in the rear centre and headrest. This makes it a valuable car for carrying you and your family safely to the desired destination.

The RAV4 has dual airbags installed. Adhering to its adventurous nature, it has anti-lock braking (ABS) that is integrated along with electronic braking distribution (EBD). There are safety labels on every seat and an intelligent reminder system designed to remind you to wear your seatbelts.


 To conclude

The Toyota Vanguard is a car that is made for an active lifestyle. It features an engine capacity of up to 3500cc. It has classy interiors and a sturdy exterior.

The top-notch safety features in it make the Vanguard a good family car.

On the other hand, the RAV4 is a sporty SUV. It is designed mainly for the younger generations who have an adventurous spirit. The engine capacity of 2400cc and stylish interior are some great features. It comes with a sharp look on the exterior. The various intelligent safety features make this car ideal for off-road adventures. The Vanguard and the RAV4 are excellent options to opt for when you want to buy used car.

Bizupon is a Toyota used car exporter that will help you get the right car for you and your family.


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