Toyota Land Cruiser Prado How it Evolved over the Years

The Toyota Cruiser Prado is an SUV that has earned a remarkable status in the off-road cruiser category. It debuted in the 90s and was Toyota's way of designing a lightweight machine capable of bearing harsh off roading challenges. Quickly, it gained popularity and fame and reigned itself as a top choice land cruiser. There were also a lot of various models that were released over the years. So, if you're looking for second hand Toyota cars, especially in the SUV domain, let us help you! 

Let us take a look at some of the popular models that revolutionised the land cruiser domain.


1) The J70 

The J70 was the first-generation Toyota land cruiser Prado, which debuted in the 1990s and quickly gained popularity. Today, it has become an iconic vehicle and marked Toyota's entry into the land cruiser SUV market.


It had a 2.7L gasoline engine. This offered excellent off roading capabilities, making it a top choice for youngsters. The J70 series featured a boxy design that was classy and elegant. It could carry up to 6 passengers comfortably. Its sturdy durability made it a legendary car in the cruiser world.


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2) The J90



The J90, a second-generation Toyota land cruiser Prado, marked a significant step in innovation and refinement. It was launched in 1996 with an aerodynamic design, making it faster, better and more efficient. 



The J90 series came in two different engine options: petrol and diesel. This itself helped set it apart from its predecessors. Additionally, the suspension and safety features were refined for a smooth performance. The interior designs also changed, adhering to the changing trends and cultures of the early 2000s. 

All these updates allowed the J90 to become a top choice for urban people and off-roading enthusiasts. 


3) The J120


The J120 series, launched in 2002, came in with a bang. Announcing its new sharp, streamlined look that showcased Toyota's design capabilities.



The J120 had additional airbags integrated inside the car. The brake and handling systems were also improved. The car had a good ground clearance of 220mm. This helped solidify its position as a versatile SUV.


4) The J150


The J150 series debuted in 2009 and quickly became a fan favourite. It was designed to have a modern look without losing the traditional aspect. The robust and muscular stance of the car made youngsters and gym enthusiasts fall in love with the car.



The J150 featured a lot of advanced technologies, like a multi-terrain system, crawl control, and variable suspension. Coupled with the improved fuel efficiency and trendy style, it further elevated the look and feel of the car without changing the functionality of an SUV.

This version is the most popular and has a good resale value compared to its predecessors.

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5) The J150 Facelift



 Launched in 2021, this version was a facelift model of the J150 series. While retaining the core values of what made it an icon, this version changes some subtle things to give the car a fresh look. The new front grille and sleeker headlights give the Prado a dynamic look. The rework on the rear design gives the Prado a smart look while still maintaining an SUV's traditional design and functionality. The car's insides are refurnished with a mix of classy and trendy designs that make the car look young.



A variety of power options are available in the facelift version. Thanks to its petrol and diesel engines it offers a remarkable performance. It has a 4-wheel drive with a Kinetic Dynamic Suspension system (KDSS), making it excel in off-roading and cruising terrain.


To sign off

The Toyota Prada is a versatile car that caters to city drivers and offroading enthusiasts. When looking at an SUV, we take into consideration a lot of things like the mileage, power and durability of the car. The different models like the J70, J90, and J150 brought in various innovations and features that have helped Toyota maintain its reign in the SUV world. 

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