Toyota Corolla Or Nissan Sentra.Which One Is the Best

In the vehicle manufacturing industry, both Nissan and Toyota are well-known and established brands. In fact, both brands are known for investing hugely in crossover SUVs and have ensured to deliver excellent improvements with their latest iterations of compact sedans – Nissan Sentra and Toyota Corolla. 

Both these vehicles have almost identical metrics, but only on a closer look do we get to observe the strengths and weaknesses Corolla and Sentra hold. 

In this blog, we will dissect the important elements of these impressive vehicles, thereby assisting you in making a sound decision between both Toyota and Nissan used cars for sale. Dive in head first! 


1- The interiors and exteriors 

1.1- Nissan Sentra 

1.1.1- Cabin storage 

nissan sentra



The latest Nissan Sentra is a spacious vehicle that is capable of carrying 5 adults. Although the back seats are roomy in Sentra, tall passengers may not get enough space due to the availability of a transmission tunnel in the middle. 

The driver and passenger cabin features various storage panels that are enough for holding items, including smartphones, handbags, beverages, etc.

The driver row features 2 cup holders, a glovebox, a centre box and door pockets, while the passenger row has door pockets. 


1.1.2- Cargo space

Nissan Sentra has adequate cargo space in the back that is capable of holding luggage for a family of five. You may not be able to add extra space, given there isn’t much room available. 


1.1.3- The exterior

This latest generation Nissan Sentra has an eye-catching exterior that mostly appeals to female clients. 


1.2- Toyota Corolla

1.2.1- Cabin storage 

toyota corolla


Toyota Corolla E210 is the 12th generation model that features a modern interior and a well-organized dashboard. Even the buttons on the wheels are positioned efficiently, thereby providing better accessibility to the driver. 


The well-positioned front seats in this Toyota used car for sale provide ample space. This means both the driver and the passenger can rest properly in the front row. The back seat, on the other hand, has somehow limited available space. 


Inside the vehicle, you will obtain storage booths to store items like goggles, handbags, beverages and smartphones. In the front row, there is door panel storage, a centre box, two cup holders and a glovebox, while the passenger row features only a door storage panel.


1.2.2- Cargo Space 

Similar to the Nissan used car for sale, even Toyota Corolla E210 has limited cargo space that can hold luggage for a family of five or less. Plus, the vehicle’s style body will prevent you from adding any extra space. 


1.2.3- The exterior

The well-positioned headlights attached to the front bonnet and bumper provide E210 with a modern yet sporty look. 


2- Engine, fuel consumption and performance 


2.1- Nissan Sentra 

2.1.1- Engine and performance 

Nissan Sentra features a 1.2L HR12DE e-Power I3 gasoline hybrid (for China) and 1.6L HR16DE I4, and 2.0L MR20DE I4 gasoline engines.

Nissan Sentra produces an impressive 149 hp and 198 Nm of torque, thanks to its 2.0L MR20DE I4-cylinder, naturally aspirated gasoline engine. 

There are three trim levels available in Sentra, S, SV and SR, and all of these versions have naturally-aspirated Nissan MR 2.0L 4-cylinder gasoline engine that is connected to X-Tronic CVT.


2.1.2- Fuel consumption

With Sentra, you can expect fuel economy between 12.63 Km/L to 13.51 Km/L. 


2.2- Toyota Corolla  

2.2.1- Engine and performance 

Toyota Corolla is available in different body styles, including Hatchback, Sedan, and Station Wagon. 


The new Corolla E210 comes with an engine designed per the country. For instance, the model designed for China features 1.2L 8NR-FTS turbo I4 and 1.2L 9NR-FTS turbo I4. The petrol engine includes –

  • 1.5L M15A-FKS I3
  • 1.6L 1ZR-FE/1ZR-FAE I4
  • 1.8L 2ZR-FE/2ZR-FAE I4
  • 2.0L M20A-FKS I4

The petrol flex-fuel engine includes –

  • 1.6L 1ZR-FBE I4
  • 1.8L 2ZR-FBE I4
  • 2.0 L M20A-FKB I4

2.0L M20A-FXS I4 and 1.8L 2ZR-FXE I4 are the petrol hybrid engines. 


All of these engines are linked to K313 CVT, 6-speed EC65 manual, 6-speed EG60 manual, and K120 CVT with physical first gear or a Hybrid Synergy Drive (CVT). 


2.2.2- Fuel consumption

The Corolla E210’s fuel consumption is highly dependent upon the engine type, manufacturing year and trims, which is between 13.7 Km/L and 15.38 Km/L for a petrol engine. The hybrid engine can consume around 23.8 Km/L. 


Final thoughts

Evidently, both Toyota and Nissan have excellent crossover SUVs in the form of Corolla and Sentra, respectively. Both these sedan car models are limitless in every term of the vehicle details. However, we humans are picky. Some of us opt for better engine size, while others prioritize safety features. 

But we are hopeful that after passing through this quick review, you will be in a better position to choose b etween Nissan and Toyota used cars for saleAnd trust us, whichever vehicle model you choose, you will gain the upper hand, thanks to exclusive features, design and innovations incorporated in both models.  





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