Toyota Corolla Fielder- The Finest Station Wagon

Toyota is one of the top automakers that manufacture affordable yet powerful cars. With the introduction of the Toyota Corolla in 1966 and its immense popularity, Toyota went ahead to manufacture a myriad of generations, one of which is a Toyota Corolla Fielder.


Toyota Corolla Fielder is a station wagon that is a tweaked version of the best selling Toyota nameplate. Corolla Fielder was renamed after its previous model introduced in the Japanese market with the name of Corolla Wagon in the year 2000. The manufacturers went ahead and rebuilt the main components like engine, suspension, and platforms and introduced Corolla Fielder under the theme "Value of new century car."

The new and improved Corolla fielder comes with similar features that the traditional Corolla has but also includes the versatility of a wagon. The first generation of Toyota Corolla fielder was introduced between 2000 to 2006, followed by the second generation between the years 2006 to 2012. The third generation starts in the year 2012, with no possible closure. All of these models offer top performance and fuel-efficiency, making it the best car.


The Corolla Fielder has engine types ranging from 1.5 liters, two types of 1.8 liters, and a 2.2-liter diesel engine. But most of the fielder's house 1.5-liter hybrid system that offers impressive fuel efficiency of 3.03 L/100 km (93.2 mpg: 77.6 mpg) under the JC08 test cycle. The fuel tank size is around 42 liters that come with electronic fuel injection (EFI) fuel system. The consumption of the fuel ranges at 15 km per liter. The drivetrain of Corolla Fielder varies based on models. Some come at RWD, 4WD, and even at AWD.

NVH Features

The mechanical design of the Corolla has remained conservative to keep down the overall cost. So to aid the Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH), the Corolla rides on a revised torsion-beam rear suspension that ascends bushing at a tilted position, thus, improving the rear-end behavior beside handling limit and the NVH.

Enhanced Version

The suspension of the Corolla Fielder has remained the same for several generations. The current design is quite plain, reliable, and flawless. A massive upgrade was subjected in terms of four-wheel drive. The V-flex system was updated with the latest ATC (active torque control). Now the main transmission assembly of the Corolla fielder is limited only to the models with base engines.


The transmission of the Corolla Fielder can be chosen from 4-speed AT super ECT or 5-speed MT. But, it is wise to note that only Z Aero Tourer has the flexibility of opting for 6-speed MT as well as an automatic Sports Steermatic shift that the drivers can change without the need for taking the hands off the steering wheel. Most old models had the manual transmission option, but the recent models are equipped with an automatic transmission option.

Safety Management Features

The safety feature is highly thought about in the Corolla Fielder, and that is why the model offers a diverse system that houses both active and preventive protection. All the versions have standard equipment that includes the ABS system with EBD, stable braking along with VSC and TRC system, all these ensuring proper movements and vehicle stability overtime.

If you opt for the expensive version of the car, then it will house automatic headlight controls, dimming rearview mirror, gas-discharging headlights along with automatic leveling, directional indicators, windshield washer jets, and a wide spray.

All the standard versions come with pretensioners in the front seat, six airbags, and active heat restraints. You can even find a help system for up the hill in the hybrid version of the car.


When it comes to the interior build of Corolla fielder, it manages to offer extreme luxury to the driver and the passengers. It houses an easy-to-use CD player. The newest models, after 2012, also contain infotainment systems. Based on the year of manufacturing, the climate control and cooling system can either be manual or automatic. You will also find a visible dash that contains easy to read and understand gauges. The car is also equipped with two glove boxes along with a tiny cubby on the center console—both horizontally and vertically rear adjustable driver seats that guarantee stability.

Size & Comfort

Corolla Fielder is a hybrid, which means it doesn't offer the extreme spacious interiors as the SUVs, but despite having a small size, the car manages to hold a lot of luggage in its luggage area.

The overall size of the car is 4,400mm × 1,695mm × 1,475~1510mm. It comes with a spacious five-person sitting area and a good amount of leg space, too, meaning the version offers superior comfort and will also allow the driver to make sharp turns easily. The car also houses a wide windscreen, making it easy to drive the car.

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