Things You Should Consider Before Buying Used Hatchbacks

When it comes to buying used vehicles or second-hand cars, potential buyers are usually nervous. After all, who wants to invest in a vehicle that isn’t capable of offering the functions that you are looking for? Well, not us!

The fear of purchasing an inefficient vehicle always lingers in the back of the mind, which is totally normal. But don’t let this fear take over. Nervousness can result in you buying things that you shouldn’t have in the first place. So, we are here to help.

Here are some tips on how to evaluate used hatchback cars before actually investing in one.


1- Examine Relevant Documents and Car History Thoroughly

Examine Relevant Documents


Before you get any further, start by thoroughly inspecting the vehicle documents. Go through the service and maintenance records of the vehicle to make sure there is no unresolved issue reported with the vehicles. 

Also, cross-check if there are all valid documents available, including original registration papers, tax documents, insurance policy-related documents, etc. 


2- Become A Detective

The way your hatchback will perform largely depends upon how it was used by the owner before you. If possible, ask questions about who drove the vehicle, the reason for the vehicle’s use, average run time per day, repairs, accidents, etc. 

Also, cross-check the service history, performance and maintenance. Even though the owner may not be truthful, raising questions can give you a fair idea of what to expect. 


3- Do an External Inspection

The sellers will do their best to put ideal photos of the vehicle and even swear that the vehicle is in excellent condition. 

Keep in mind, wear and tear will always be there with second-hand vehicles; it depends on you to determine if those wear and tear are worthy or not. It is best to check for dents, scratches and paint job’s quality. Check for rust, inspect the tires, frame cracks and even the undercarriage. 


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4- Pop the Hood

The engine is the most important part of the car. If the engine is healthy, then the whole vehicle will function properly, too. 

Look discolouration, fraying, etc., in the pipes and hoses. Inspect the timing belt, oil stains, inspect fluid levels and even enquire when the fluids were last changed. 

This way, you will know a lot about the vehicle. 


5- Check the Interiors

Check the Interiors

Now, spend a little time inside the vehicle, too. Legroom can be a major problem with different hatchback sizes. 

Don’t forget to check the upholstery and even the AC switch. If possible, tinker around with the settings to catch any problems. 

Also, check the power windows, seatbelt, along with the locking mechanism. 


6- Take the Car for A Drive and Negotiate Tactfully

The best way to understand the vehicle’s condition is by taking it for a test drive. Drive on empty roads and in traffic to determine how the vehicle responds. 

Lastly, spread the negotiation over various sessions to give the seller enough time to soften and even to get your finances in place.  


Signing off

While you follow the tips suggested above, don’t forget you are always in charge. If you think something is fishy, do not hesitate to walk away from the deal. 

Also, make sure that you deal for the best second-hand hatchbacks only with industry professionals like Bizupon to get total value for your investment. 


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