The Best Used Honda Cars You Can Get in Kenya Nairobi

There are a number of specialities that you have to bear in mind when you are thinking of buying a Honda. There are various models available in the market that you can pick from.

You need to think of key points like the resale value of used car price in Kenya. The Honda cars have a great resale value and can get you a great price. 

In this article, we will converse about the used cars Kenya Nairobi and what are the models that you can opt for.

The used car market in Kenya- 

Kenya is a very popular place where to buy second-hand cars at a great price. You can get amazing deals on used cars. You can buy these cars without having to worry about the value of the car declines. 

You can hardly tell the difference between an old one and a new one. But with the help of an expert, you would be able to tell the distinction in no time. And when it comes to their condition, it is outstanding, and you wouldn’t have to worry about it even a little bit.


We have listed down below the best Honda cars- 


1- Honda CRV 

The first car you can opt for is the Honda CRV it is a crossover moderate size SUV. The reason, why it is so popular, is because of its longevity and affordability in the longer run. It is astonishing that this model hasn’t gained momentum the way other models have. But despite that, the features of this car stand out, like the interior design, high performance, and overall build.

In 2011 this model underwent a massive makeover with a new design and modern aesthetics paired with fuel efficiency. There are three engine options 2.2 Litre i   – DTEC Turbo Diesel engine, 2.0 Liter R20A i-VTEC petrol engine and 2.4 litre K24A i – VTEC petrol engine.


2- Honda Fit 

If you are skimming for a luxury car, then Honda Fit is fit for you. It is a hatchback and a very well-known Honda car. It has started gaining popularity after Honda has become a big brand in Kenya.

When it comes to comfort, safety, fuel consumption and reliability, you can definitely trust Honda Fit. You can use this car occasionally for long journeys.

The newer models of this car have been better in terms of features. It has sufficient space and more legroom for both passengers, and you can drive comfortably in this car. It is very spacious, and you would love to travel in this car.


3- Honda Vezel 

If you are looking for a low used car price in Kenya, then Honda Vezel is the one for you. It has been quite popular as the car which is easy on the pocket. It has amazing features that will leave you stunned, like affordable cost points, fuel economy, great SUV design, and looks to kill. 

If we talk about the interiors of this car, then it has soft plastic materials combined with leather which gives it a great look. If you are tall, then you can comfortably sit in the car with ample leg space for you. And the seats can be adjusted according to your needs. 


4- Honda freed 

This car has some remarkable features, and it is a shame that it hasn’t gotten the popularity that it deserves. It is fuel efficient, cheap to maintain, cost-effective, and can carry about eight passengers. It is a very reliable model that you can go for.

It has a flat floor and high roof and possesses a very spacious cabin which is extremely comfortable to travel in. it also has great leg space, and even if you are tall, you can sit comfortably in it. You can easily use the sliding doors to get inside and out of the car in no time. The engine of the car is a hybrid and also has normal versions.


To sign off, 

Make sure to keep the list mentioned above of cars in mind when you are looking for used cars Kenya Nairobi. This list can help you in narrowing down options and choosing the one that fits your budget and needs. Honda is an undefeated king with a wide variety of cars that are outstanding. 

But make sure before making any purchase, you ensure that the place you are buying the car from is reputed and reliable. If you are skimming for a place where to buy second-hand cars, we recommend you to check out Bizupon.





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