Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Used Car in Kenya

Asking the correct questions about the used cars for sale in Kenya is significant. It does not necessarily have to be costly or a nerve-wracking experience for you. All you have to do is ask the right questions and get an answer to them. You can select any second-hand vehicle after saving enough money for it. However, the vehicle type you want is dependent on the family size and for what purpose you will be using it. 

Thus, never rush while purchasing a used car whenever you see an advertisement. You need to check the proper history and inspection report before finalizing the deal for the second-hand vehicles. So, you can start by asking the below questions to your car dealer or auctioneer to know more about your dream car before buying it.


Q1. What is the history of car maintenance?

Ans-You should find out if the car you are planning to buy has been serviced by an independent mechanic here at the dealership and whether the mechanic is affiliated with any garage or not. Regular maintenance and up-to-date service of second-hand cars In Nairobi is an additional benefit. They will check out the alignment and pressure of the tires and perform a thorough examination of the car braking system. This past maintenance history will tell you about the car's present condition.


Q2. Has the used car even been involved in any road accident?

Ans-Find the details if the used car has ever been involved in any road accident from the vehicle history. If yes, you need to ensure about the damages and the repairing method of the car. Always check if the paint is scratched, fresh cover-up undercoat, tire misalignment, headlamp replacement, or not. 


Q3. Does the car come with any faulty components?

Ans-Always check if all the parts of the used car are working in proper condition. Examine the dashboard lights, engine light, condition and shape of the tires, condition of the windshield wiper, and more. 


Q4. Have you ever repainted the used vehicle?

Ans-The paint present on the used vehicle should be visible. Scrutinize the car for any waviness from the car's sides, which clearly shows the evidence of the masking tape residue. If the used car comes with the original paint, it will be less expensive and easier to fix the car exterior.


Q5. Can I take the used car to my mechanic for cross-checking? 

Ans-Taking the used cars for sale in Kenya to the mechanic of your choice can save you a lot of problems and damages. If it is not possible, you can ask your mechanic to visit the car and inspect the following areas.


  • Exterior and interior portions of the vehicle
  • Tires
  • Transmission and the engine
  • Suspension and the steering


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Q6. Do you have the vehicles’ service records?

Ans-Always select a car dealer who will have the past service record of the used vehicle so that you can check them out thoroughly. Examine the receipt for the repairs and maintenance of the car in the past.


Q7. Is it possible to check out the oil condition of the second-hand vehicle?

Ans-If the answer to the above question is affirmative, then asks your mechanic to check for the fluid level of the car, including:


  • Engine oil of the car lubricating the metal
  • Fluid for the brakes
  • Transmission fluid that assists in functioning and lubricating some significant parts properly
  • Coolant helps to absorb the heat from the engine and pass it out through the radiator
  • Steering fluid assists in steering the car hassle-free



So, these are the most vital questions you should ask your dealer before making up your mind for second-hand cars In Nairobi. Always collect the correct details for the particular vehicle you want to buy. Also, check out the reason for which the previous seller has decided to sell the vehicle. If the dealer can answer and provide you with all the above information along with the correct document, then you are good to go!




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