Personal Guide to Importing Japanese Used Cars to Mongolia

People who want incredible ROI on their purchase prefer going for used Japanese vehicles without the heavy costs involved in buying a brand-new car.

The Japanese used car industry is helping people around the world achieve their dreams of owning a vehicle without actually paying the whole amount. What’s more, the customer gets every functionality found in a new vehicle by paying only a fraction of the total price.

Similar to other countries, even Mongolia imports Japanese used cars. There was a time when the Mongolian automobile industry was highly influenced by Russian manufactured automobiles, but nowadays, Japanese and Korean vehicles are ruling the Mongolian automobile industry.

To give you more details on how the import works, we have filled this blog with a step-by-step process and more. So, delve deeper.

  • Find a Supplier:

    First of all, you will require locating a reliable supplier of Japanese used cars for Mongolia. Most used cars suppliers in Japan like Bizupon have online portals, meaning all you need to do is search for one online.
  • However, that doesn’t mean every vehicle supplier you find online is genuine. Conduct research about the supplier, collect details from communities and forums about the supplier.

    If possible, get in touch with the past clients through online reviews and testimonials to know if working with the supplier is a good decision or not.

  • Choose the Vehicle:

    Once you find a reliable supplier, consider your budget and scan through their site to find a vehicle that aligns with your budget and other requirements.
  • A reliable used vehicle supplier will have different makes and models available in their stock, making it easy for you to choose after comparing various aspects of the vehicle.

  • Order and Initiate the Payment:

    Then proceed with placing the order. The car dealer in Mongolia will send an invoice. Then initiate the payment using payment methods suggested by the dealer and send the receipt on the same to the dealer.
  • Shipping and Port Clearance:

    Once the payment is received, the dealer will ship your vehicle to the port near you. You will require hiring a port clearance agent for easy clearance.
  • Once hired, ensure to provide all the necessary documents to receive your vehicle easily.

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    Import Rules and Regulations

    Import Rules and Regulations

    Now, let us take a look at some rules and regulations you will require following to import Mongolia used cars.

    • Shipping Ports:

      In Mongolia, Ulan Bator (Ulaanbaatar) and Port of Tianjin are the most preferred ports for importing vehicles.

    • Age Restriction:

      There is no age restriction imposed on used vehicles imported in Mongolia.

    • Right/Left-hand Drive Vehicle:

      Even though Mongolia is a left-hand drive country, it still allows the import of right-hand vehicles with a valid import license.

    • Inspection:

      There is no particular inspection conducted on a used vehicle being imported to Mongolia. But vehicles imported from Japan are inspected for radiation.

    • Required Documents

      • Payment receipt
      • Original Bill of lading
      • Transportation invoice
      • Driver’s license and insurance certificate
      • Status of quality controls of goods
      • Original payment receipts of taxes and duties
      • License for import
      • Control for import
      • Cargo manifest
      • Packaging list
      • Original commercial/purchase invoice
      • Certificate of origin
    • Custom declaration fees

      • Basic declaration fees – US$5
      • Basic intensive and simplified custom declaration – US$8
      • Every additional declaration – US$5
    • The payment of the charged services is required to be in MNT as per the US dollar rate of the day.

    • Taxed and duties

      People who want incredible ROI on their purchase prefer going for used Japanese vehicles without the heavy costs involved in buying a brand-new car.

    Signing off

    Well, we hope this blog was able to give you a clear picture of how the import process for used cars for sale in Mongolia works. Get in touch with a reputed seller like Bizupon for a hassle-free car export process from Japan to Mongolia.

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