Know the Top Japanese Auction Houses to Buy a Car

One of the most exciting places to shop for a car today is through a Japan vehicle auction. It is possible to buy a vehicle at affordable prices. If you are interested in learning more about why car auctions are so beneficial, continue reading below.


What are Japanese car auctions?


Japanese cars are renowned the world over for their superlative performance on the road. Even when they are second-hand, they offer amazing safety and mileage similar to what brand new cars offer. 

If you reside outside Japan and want to get a Japanese car exported to your home country, then you can contact a dealership like Bizupon. They will place bids at the Japanese car auctions live on your behalf.


What happens at the car auction houses?


A number of dealerships place bids for a specific car at the Japanese car auctions live. As the bidding goes up, the price ranges from one dealer to another. The one who places the highest bid gets to own the car. You can then buy it at a lower price because of their bidding process. 


What should you know about car auction houses in Japan?


-          Auctions to purchase used cars and motorcycles must take place at Japan used car auction sites licensed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport in Japan.

-          It is possible to buy a car through either a private sale or a public auction.

-          Cars are sold collectively at the auctions by people who have decided to part ways with the car. 

-          As far as different types of auctions are concerned, you can buy a car through an open, fixed-price, departmental, or trade sale.

-          At an auction house, the price of the car is decided through a bidding process. A dealer or a retail buyer can pay for the vehicle after winning the bidding process.

-          You should get familiar with all the details about where and when specific auctions are held.

-          The number of vehicles offered by people selling them at specific auctions changes from time to time. 

-          Not all dealers are allowed to bid for cars that come up for sale at Japan used car auction sites.


Top 5 best Japanese car auctions 


1 - USS Auto Auctions


USS Auto Auctions is a well-known auction house that offers professional services. They operate with the help of a dedicated team of experts and car industry veterans. The company has been in business for more than 14 years.


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2 - GA Auto Auctions


GA Auto Auctions specializes in auctioning cars from Japan. The vehicles are known for their high quality and performance on the road. Since they have excellent safety features and mileage, you can buy them at lower prices even if they are second-hand vehicles.


3 - JAA Car Auctions (Japanese Automobile Auction)


This auction house deals in a wide range of vehicles, including cars and auto parts. Whether you are looking for a brand-new car or something that is used, there is an excellent chance that you will find what you are looking for at this auction house.


4 - Toyota Auto Auctions


Toyota Auto Auctions has a wide selection of different cars. Their vehicles are manufactured by Toyota, but some of them were repossessed from dealerships. These vehicles are inspected by trained technicians before being sold at the auction. 


5 - JU Car Auctions (Japan Used Car Dealers’ Association)


JU Car Auctions is a Japan vehicle auction house that buys and sells vehicles that have been repossessed. They provide comprehensive information on which vehicles are available, where they are located, how they are being sold, and what the price is.


Bizupon - Your Trustworthy Partner in Japanese Car Auctions


Bizupon is regarded as one of the best when you want to buy a car that is second-hand from Japan. We employ experts who can guide you on how to find out about various makes and models for sale through auctions all over Japan.

By buying a car at Japanese car auctions, you get the thrill of getting an amazing deal on an amazing vehicle. The car has been tested by technicians and verified by all the documents. We will ensure to safely ship the car from Japan port to your home country port

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