Japanese Used SUVs that are Popular in Kenyan Market

In short, Sports Utility Vehicles, or SUVs, are well-received in the Kenyan market. In the 2018 – 2020 period, the dealers sold 6061 cars in the country. The Kenyan market is partial towards SUVs because of their diverse usability – they are used by long-distance travelers, off-road enthusiasts, and even political and administrative personnel.

Depending upon their performance, ease of maintenance, servicing advantages, and price points, full–size and compact SUVs are popular in this country. However, many car owners recommend the most practiced company who Imports Japanese Cars to KenyaOne can find their choice of SUVs from their collection. 

Why does the Kenyan population like Japanese used cars? 

Japanese car brands are famous worldwide due to their reliability, performance, and efficiency. It is often possible to get original parts for these cars at reasonable prices. The population has been preferring different SUVs from Japanese Auto Exporters for a while now – and has become a primary country to import Japanese used SUVs. Therefore, if you want to buy a car in Kenya and wouldn’t mind pre-utilized Japanese cars – then it’s best to contact the most experienced company providing these particular cars. 

The SUVs to consider 

1.Toyota Land Cruiser V8

Toyota Land Cruiser V8

The newer models of this vehicle are commonly seen among the corporate individual and are powerful. This 4×4 vehicle is favored by enthusiasts and regular families alike and can function for a long time with proper maintenance. This SUV seats seven and sports a turbocharged V8 engine with a capacity range of 4000 ccs to 5700 cc. It also has an adjustable ride height with a 4×4 drive train and has a reasonable price point. 

2.Toyota Rush

Toyota Rush

This model fits in the compact SUV segment with 5-seater and 7-seater variations. The exterior of the car has a bold and premium appearance. The car front has large projector headlamps, an aggressive bumper, fog lights, chrome accents, and the company emblem at the center. Its engine makes driving in urban areas a pleasant experience – reaching 100 kmph in 12-13 seconds. It responds equally at high and low speeds and sports an impressive suspension that provides a relaxed and steady drive. 


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3.Land Cruiser Prado

Land Cruiser Prado

The Land Cruiser Prado is another highest-selling SUV in Kenya. It belongs to the Land cruiser series, and the experts identify it to be the smaller version of the V8. It has a lesser engine capacity, ranging between 2700 cc to 4000 ccs, while it has interior and outside designs almost identical to the V8. It provides the complete comfort of an SUV with marginally lesser performance; incidentally, it has the highest engine cylinder count among the V6 engine models. 

4.Toyota Fortuner


Toyota Fortuner

This vehicle is one of the favorite choices and a critical player of Used SUVs for sale in Kenya. It has a beefy and intimidating front that makes it stand out among others. Drivers have used this as an off-roader, and it has passed that test with its severe and capable 4×4 hardware. Its big windows provide ample light in the cabin, and the premium leather upholstery offers a comfortable ride. Its impressive handling and ride quality makes it worth every dollar it costs. 

Letting the experts handle the import

If you feel confused among the multitude of choices, it is okay – so why not involve the company that regularly deals with it. You can surely do it, but it is best to let the experts manage their field if you want no errors, issues, and utmost peace of mind. 

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