How Do You Acquire A Used Car In Dubai Without Any Hassle

Buying a car is no longer a luxury for people living in the UAE. A car is essential if driving is an important part of your lifestyle.

Fortunately, there are a large number of vehicle showrooms and dealerships in the UAE. This means, you can easily buy used car in UAE. Still, the car buying process can seem a little daunting. Hence, we bring you this blog. 

This guide contains essentials, from documents needed to the best time to buy and more. So, let’s begin!


1- The documents required

The documents required


To kick off your car-buying journey in the UAE, gather the necessary documents:

  • UAE residency visa (original and copy)
  • Passport (original and copy)
  • Emirates ID
  • Valid UAE driving license
  • Insurance documents


You'll find dealerships stocked with major brands, offering prices up to three times less than elsewhere. It's a golden opportunity for those seeking a sweet deal on their dream ride.


2- Buying a second-hand car – the process


If a brand-new car doesn't fit the budget, fret not. The market for second-hand vehicle for sale in UAE is brimming with options. But ensure that you have these documents handy:

  • UAE residency visa 
  • Emirates ID
  • Passport copy
  • Car insurance agreement copy
  • Dubai-issued driving license
  • The vehicle's previous registration card
  • Authorized inspection certificate for cars over 3 years old


With these documents in tow, your path to a used car in Dubai is set.


3- The process of buying the car

Choosing your dream car is exciting. Dubai's car dealerships make the process hassle-free. But for second-hand purchases, a trip to the Traffic Police is in order.

Start by filling out an application. Then, provide the registration card and insurance certificate, and voilà – ownership transferred.


4- Is insurance required to buy a car?

Absolutely! Whether new or used, car insurance is mandatory. It can cost you around 1.25% to 3% of the car's value. Online options make securing coverage easy, with rates influenced by age, credit score, and driving history.


5- What are the fees for registering a car?


Post-insurance, registration is next. New car registration sets you back AED 420, plus an extra AED 220 for a traffic file. Used car registration follows at AED 420, with additional fees:

  • Vehicle Technical Inspection: AED 170
  • Transfer of Ownership: AED 350
  • Traffic File: AED 220

Did you miss your re-registration deadline? Brace for an AED 25 fine per late month.


6- Can you buy a car with no down payment?

Typically, a down payment is required for a car loan in the UAE. However, some banks offer down payment support through credit cards. Alternatively, a personal loan could bypass the down payment hurdle.


7- The best time for car investment

Maximize your savings by choosing the right time to buy car in UAE:

  • Ramadan month: Enjoy hefty discounts and launch campaigns.
  • National holidays: Dealerships roll out massive discounts and special packages.
  • Summer: Reduced demand means great packages.
  • Year-end: Snag deals as manufacturers clear out old models for new ones.


8- Can you buy a car in Dubai without a UAE residency?

Unfortunately, a driving license or Emirates ID resident card is attainable only with a residency visa. This means UAE residency is a must for purchasing a vehicle for sale in the UAE.


9- Are second-hand cars cheaper in Dubai?

Yes. Second-hand cars in Dubai are more budget friendly. So, expect savings with pre-owned options. It is, in fact, a wise choice for buyers who are on a budget.


10- How much does it cost to buy a car?


How much does it cost to buy a car


Breaking down the costs of cars for sale, UAE:

  • Initial Purchase Price: AED 85,000 on average for a new car.
  • Fuel: AED 1.71 per litre.
  • Licensing and Registration: AED 500, approx., annually.
  • Insurance: Typically around AED 2,400 per year, subject to vehicle and driver details.


In conclusion

Buying used cars for sale, UAE, is easy with the right info. Whether you want a new car or check out used ones for sale, this guide has you sorted. Get ready to hit the Dubai roads with confidence!


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