Did You Know these 5 Major Shipping Ports In Japan

Japan is one of the most technologically sound countries globally and is responsible for several recent automobile and electronic advancements. One of the major factors along with technological advancements that contribute to their economic and infrastructural development is the working of ports.

Japan is home to 1020 ports, of which there are 892 local ports, 106 main ports, and 22 ports are used for special purposes. Every day hundreds of consignments like Japanese used cars for sale reach these ports and move to their destination. The port managing organizations handle ensuring the consignments arrive and depart for their destination efficiently.

This was a brief about the ports, and now we will look at which are the five most important ports in Japan and which port is used to export and import Japanese used cars.


1.Port of Tokyo

1-	Port of Tokyo

As the name suggests, the port of Tokyo is situated in the heart of Japan's industrial, cultural, and economically important city, Tokyo.

This port became operational by 1941, and it was named Port Edo. However, after WW2, it was expanded, and after 1960, authorities added several terminals. The port of Tokyo exports several items like goods, passengers, and even Japanese cars.

This port is spread across 1000 hectares and has 15 berths for handling containers, cold storage facilities, etc. It has around 20 cranes that help move the containers from one place to another.

2. Port Osaka

Port Osaka

Port Osaka is situated in Osaka near Osaka Bay and is one of the leading ports in Japan. It has links with 140 nations and annually handles 80 million tons.

This port is spread across 4.8 thousand hectares and has 70 berths for international shipments and 13 berths for containerized cargo. This port also has a ferry terminal through which annually 60,000 commuters travel.

3.Port Yokohama

Port Yokohama

This port is managed and handled by the Yokohama Ports Corporation. It is one of the busiest ports in the country that handled around 35,000 vessels and 350 million tons of cargo in 2019.

The main port has 14 berths that handle containers and ten general cargo berths. This port also handles passenger ships and cruises. If you have recently purchased Japanese used cars for sale and wish to export them to another country, you can get it done via this port.

4.Port Kobe

Port Kobe

This port is the fourth busiest port in the country and is constructed on made-up islands. The area between the piers in the old port and new territories is used for non-industrial purposes like constructing offices, buildings, parks, and houses for working port officials.

This port is so huge that it contains around six container terminals and 12 general terminals that deal with bulk cargo. These terminals are leased by different countries and have helped boost the country's industrial sector and economy.


5- Port Nagoya

Port Nagoya

Port Nagoya is one of the largest trading ports that handle around 10% of Japan's international trade. Leading automobile manufacturer Toyota exports all of its cars to other countries via this port.

This port is alone responsible for transporting 1.4 million cars to other countries every year. This port exports these automobiles to 160 countries across the globe and deals in transporting bulk, liquid cargo, metals, forest goods, packaged foods, etc.

This port is spread over 146 hectares and has 290 berths spanning over 20 miles, and 74 hectares used to store coal.



These are the five major and busiest ports in Japan responsible for contributing a hefty sum to the country's economic and industrial development.

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